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Auto Cinderella Jack could be the world’s strongest autoflower strain after a recent 28% THC level was found by licensed medical cannabis producer Pure Healing of Portugal. CBD levels were below 2%.

This is the highest THC level yet seen by Dutch Passion on Auto Cinderella Jack and illustrates the quality of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds.

The 28% THC measurement came from the Purpl Pro measuring device. This is a ‘dry’ analytical device that uses spectroscopy rather than some of the more complicated traditional wet chemical analytical techniques.

To use the Purpl Pro, buds are ground into a fine powder and scanned with infra-red light to determine cannabinoid levels. Overall, Purpl state a +/- 2% accuracy on THC and CBD.



28% THC levels, organically grown by Pure Healing

The 28% THC levels from Auto Cinderella Jack are exceptional and would suit only the most experienced medical/recreational users. With such extreme potency, only a small quantity of buds are needed to provide a powerful effect. Auto Cinderella Jack is an XL yielding hybrid autoflower strain, she was bred purely for her high THC levels but she also boasts great taste and a pleasing nose tingling terpene profile.

Pure Healing are one of Portugal’s most highly respected medicinal cannabis growers with a reputation for producing some of the countries best quality buds. Sérgio Neto is the 39 year old co-founder of Pure Healing. He grows organically in greenhouses with some outdoor production.

The Pure Healing team received their pre-license approval in November 2019. His passion for cultivating fine quality cannabis started a decade ago after his Grandmother was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Sergio is proud of his business model which allows him to use his skill and experience to focus on high-end results at affordable prices. He has a 150m2 greenhouse and a 5000m2 outdoor cultivation area. The stable, sunny Portuguese climate allows perfect growing conditions and a purpose built drying area allows optimised drying/curing conditions.

Auto Cinderella Jack®

(Cinderella 99 X Jack Herer) X Magnum

Flowering Autoflower Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Family Classics Seed to harvest 10-11 weeks
Indica/Sativa Hybrid Yield XL
THC Extremely high Cup Winner Cup winner

Pure Healing, quality results from the best cannabis seeds



Pure Healing have worked closely with Dutch Passion Head Geneticist Mahmoud Hanachi since they obtained their legal grow license. Mahmoud often helps in a consultant-style role advising new licensed growers on the best methods (and the best cannabis seeds!) to use when establishing a new grow operation. Pure Healing are currently growing Auto Skywalker Haze, Auto Cinderella Jack, Auto Kerosene Krash and CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel.

Auto Skywalker Haze, Auto Cinderella Jack and Auto Kerosene Krash are all members of Dutch Passion’s exclusive High THC cannabis seed collection. This collection is reserved only for the most potent cannabis strains where THC levels can reach/exceed 25%. Part of Pure Healings approach to high THC harvests is to start with the best genetics. Auto CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a CBD rich cannabis strain with THC levels below 1%, meaning that you can’t get high from the buds. CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel is part of the CBD cannabis seed collection.

The other part of Pure Healing’s strategy is to grow with optimised grow media and nutrients with the ideal growing conditions provided from the gentle Portuguese climate. Natural predators are used to protect the plants. The final part of Pure Healing’s quality strategy is to work with two independent laboratories who constantly monitor and analyse the quality of the final buds. This allows continuous improvements from harvest to harvest.

Currently Pure Healing only sell cannabis buds, producing around 2000 Kg of dry buds per year. Their current crop started growing in August. That may seem like a late time to start a new crop but when growing autoflower seeds in a Mediterranean climate an August start still allows ample time for the plants to finish. So far Pure Healing are proud that they have never experienced a crop failure, that success is due to their careful planning process which allows all aspects of growing to be optimised and fine-tuned from one grow to the next.

Auto Cinderella Jack, a repeat 25%+ THC autoflower seed


Auto Cinderella Jack hit the headlines previously when independently lab tested samples showed THC levels of 25.9%. At the time they were the highest independently recorded THC levels ever seen on an autoflower.

But shortly after the 25.9% THC level recorded on Auto Cinderella Jack, another Dutch Passion autoflower produced an even higher result. That came from Auto Skywalker Haze which showed a first independent lab report of 26.1% THC with elevated levels of CBG (0.93%) and CBC (0.41%) and a second one of 27% THC. The best autoflower seeds simply keep getting better and better.


Auto Skywalker Haze®

Skywalker Haze x Auto Amsterdam Amnesia

Flowering Autoflower Environment Indoor
Family Classics Environment Outdoor
Indica/Sativa Sativa Seed to harvest 12 weeks
THC Extremely high Yield XXL



Source: Dutch Passion Company 

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