Cash Only’s 420 Recs: DJ and Producer Galcher Lustwerk

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Galcher Lustwerk is an electronic music producer and DJ, as well as the head honcho at label Lustwerk Music. The artist hails from Ohio, but has been a cult hero in the Brooklyn dance music scene for over a decade, starting with his instant-classic release 100% Galcher—a visionary debut that blew everyone’s minds all over their faces.

Galcher cut his teeth as a producer alongside his RISD pals in the collective/label White Material Records, and has put out releases on Tsuba, Ghostly, and his own imprint. The catalog includes the full-length albums Dark Bliss, 200% Galcher, and Information, on top of many 12-inches. He’s also dropped numerous records under other monikers, including Road Hog, Studio OST (a collaborative project with Alvin Aronson), and—fittingly for Cash Only—420.

Not DJ 420… just 420.

Lustwerk is a thoughtful and interesting guy, whose taste in art, culture, and weed is as strong as his selections behind the decks. So Cash Only hit up the musician to talk about all things green. Galcher weighed in on what type of weed he likes to smoke, his love for Volcano vaporizers, and why he’s super into making skate edits within the PC game Skater XL once he’s really stoned.

Read our interview below, and pre-order the vinyl release of “420” here. Also take a look at Galcher’s upcoming tour dates here to catch him in a city near you.

Courtesy of Galcher Lustwerk

Cash Only: What’s your current favorite weed strain? How do you like to consume it?

Galcher Lustwerk: Lately I’ve been enjoying a variety of strains, but years ago I tried an OG Kush pack and from then on decided it’s my favorite. It was during one of those productive streaks, and I felt like it didn’t ever bog me down, but would still deliver on the psychedelic tip. It’s a common-ish strain; it’s got a reputation. If I see OG Kush, I pick that instantly and never regret my choice. My favorite method of consumption is the Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic, where I’m either recycling AVB [already-vaped-bud] or just vaping all new flower.

What’s your current favorite weed product?

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel, hands down. I sold mine a decade ago, then an old boss gave me his shortly after—so it was destined to be. For someone who grew up having asthma, I try to take care of my lungs. The Volcano hits the strongest, but also the smoothest. All other dry herb vapes are disappointing. This is my daily driver. I hardly ever “smoke” now, unless it’s social or I roll a J for when I’m out and about. I keep the Volcano at level 6 and use an XL size bag. Two bags keep me goin’ for a few hours. It’s super easy to clean and maintain, plus it’s efficient for your bud. I’ve even sent it into their headquarters to get serviced—it’s like having a car.

What activity do you like to do after you’ve hit the Volcano?

Making Skater XL edits. Skater XL—especially the PC version, which allows you to download custom maps and clothes—has saved my life during pandemic and throughout quarantine. It’s literally a dream to be able to execute tricks you could never do IRL, and then “film” them the way you want, as well. I wanted to be a professional skate videographer when I was a teenager, and this game realizes that ambition in an accessible package. I’ve only made a few parts, but hope to build an entire skate video with it one day.

Can you recommend something to watch while stoned?

Watching Manben / Mangaka art documentaries. Another dream I had as a kid was to become a comic book artist. Seeing the masters’ workflows, techniques, and past influences through these YouTube videos is awesome. Such a crazy resource. It inspires me to start sketching myself. There are only a few episodes with English subtitles online, but the visuals are well worth it. I’m also fascinated by these artists’ workspaces, which are usually dark and cluttered, but very deliberate and based on decades of practice.

Can you recommend something to listen to when you’re smoking?

If you dig house music, then I recommend Yoyogi Park by Lawrence. It’s just the mellowest shit ever. It’s like pillows for my ears, and it’s also good for the winter months. I recommend that album or something like Move D’s “Inside the Freero Dome,” which has gentle and hazy grooves that can carry a dance floor when turned up loud. David (Move D) has been an early supporter of my music and his prolificness and dedication to DJing and performance continues to inspire me.

Can you recommend something to read after getting high?

The Miles Davis autobiography. It’s somehow really dense but also a casual read. The way he narrates is really chatty and feels like it’s in the present moment. You can just read it without needing an attention span for much. It’s funny to imagine being a fly on the wall while Miles just waxes poetic in his raspy voice. I still haven’t finished the book, actually, but it’s really good. I’m just taking it slowly.

Galcher Lustwerk’s upcoming record “420” is available for pre-order and check out his upcoming tour dates here. Stay tuned for a new release under his Road Hog moniker, too.

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