CBD for Pain: 10 Ways CBD Can Help You Treat Chronic Pain & Inflammation

CBD for chronic pain

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What is CBD?

CBD is an ingredient derived from the cannabis plant and is often used to produce medicinal products.

Although it is a Marijuana component, CBD is a safe product that does not give off any “high” sensations to users.

It has various healing properties and is often more accessible to those who need to bring relief to different bodily issues.

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The Right CBD Dosage

Several factors may enhance or slow the effects of CBD; hence, it is essential to consider such factors before using any product and start with the lowest possible dosage.

When beginning with CBD, it is necessary to remember the first dose you take. Depending on your requirements and how your body reacts, you can gradually increase the amount over time.

Factors to Consider for the Right CBD Dosage



Your height and weight can affect how effective CBD is for you. Some studies show that being on the taller or heavier side could mean you would need a higher dosage to meet your requirements.

An average of 0.2-0.7 mg is recommended per pound of body weight. However, make sure to keep notes on how your body reacts before you start making adjustments to your dosage.


With age, our metabolism rate slows down, and our body doesn’t produce quick responses like it did when we were young.

It takes longer to break down compounds, which may play a part in how CBD can affect your body.

Depending on the age you start CBD intake, it could have delayed or faster results.


Hormonal behaviors vary significantly in men and women and can be based on health issues.

Hormone levels also tend to fluctuate based on lifestyle choices, which may impact how your body responds to CBD.

You could achieve your desired results quickly or have delayed results based on hormone levels.

CBD for pain

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Types of CBD Products Available

Oils and tinctures: These are liquids carrying CBD that users who do not want to take any pills or capsules can take.

Lotions: These are external CBD products that users can apply to different body parts for instant relief.

Edibles: Such gummies, making it easier for people who do not like the original taste of CBD to consume the compound. You can also try CBD coffee or capsules.

Vapes: It makes use of oils that turn into fumes that users can inhale into the body with the help of small, pen-like devices.

10 Ways in Which CBD Can Help With Pain Relief

Reduces joint inflammation

CBD has healing properties that can help reduce inflammation for users, especially in their joints, caused due to osteoarthritis. It is a painful condition that can impact the daily routines of many and may also reduce the mobility of those suffering.

CBD helps combat joint inflammations that can lead to potential nerve damage. It reduces pain and gives patients more relief in their daily routines.

Antifungal and antibacterial properties

Sometimes, bacteria and other foreign particles can enter our bodies and disrupt our health. These may lead to painful illnesses that users can tackle sooner. CBD has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fight off foreign bodies.

For instant pain relief, one can use CBD creams or lotions on sore areas.

Mimics medical pain-relief

CBD activates the receptors of your brain to mimic the effects of medicines. Along with anti-inflammation, CBD helps soothe the mental anguish that rises when one is in pain.

Relieves neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain arises when nerves get damaged. It is often an effect of other underlying health issues such as multiple sclerosis. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has been shown to relieve such pain and provide relief to patients.

Reduces chronic pain symptoms

Studies have shown that consistent use of CBD has helped in decreasing chronic pain amongst a significant group of adults. It was also seen that those taking CBD would not build a tolerance to such effects, which means that they would be less likely to increase their dosages.

Relief from pain from cancer treatments

Cancer is one of the most challenging illnesses that one can go through. It involves a number of treatments that can leave a patient exhausted and in pain.

CBD can help minimize such pain and provide relief to patients. It reduces inflammation arising from treatments and improves comfort as well.

Pain from stress

CBD is a common product used for stress relief. It carries relaxing properties that can help alleviate headaches, soreness, and other pains that can arise from stress.

One can make use of CBD vapes or consume CBD gummies for pain to achieve quick relief from such discomfort.

Reduce migraines

Migraines are one of the worst kinds of headaches to experience and can significantly disturb a person’s day-to-day routine. Consumption of regulated CBD can help achieve relief from such pain and help a person feel more relaxed and rested.

Improves sleep

CBD intake can help in improving sleep cycles. Lack of sleep is often a cause of headaches, soreness in the body, and exhaustion, which can disrupt a person’s health if not dealt with.

With the help of consistent CBD intake, users can achieve better sleep and reduce the negative effects that take place otherwise.

Relief to pain from mental health disorders

Suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety or depression can also affect our physical health if we do not take the necessary steps to look after ourselves.

It can lead to lack of sleep, headaches, upset stomachs, and other physical ailments if we aren’t careful. Using CBD can help relieve these symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

A consistent dosage can help users feel more relaxed mentally and physically.

CBD for imflamation

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Last Thoughts

CBD is known to be beneficial for various physical ailments. It is a safe component that can relieve our bodies in the long and short run.

Depending upon how your body reacts to it, users can take CBD to get relief from the pain that arises due to several factors.

As long as users take precautions while consumption, CBD is a decent addition to help with various pain issues.

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