Florida Governor DeSantis Wants Cannabis Companies to Pay More to Play in Florida, And That is a Good Thing!

But since DeSantis is a conserative Republican, it may actually be a good thing as opposed to what he could have said about legalization. Getting more money out of cannabis companies is not a bad thing as opposed to reefer madness rhetoric like, “Shut it down!”, “No Marijuana in Florida!”, “No recreational ever in this great state!” DeSantis, an early favorite to run for President, just wants more money from marijuana companies, which compared to what some conservatives want to see done to the marijuana industry, is not totally a bad thing.

Source: https://cannabisworld.biz/2022/09/03/florida-governor-desantis-wants-cannabis-companies-to-pay-more-to-play-in-florida-and-that-is-a-good-thing/

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