Girl Scout Cookies Strain: Everything You Need To Know And More!

If you have a low THC tolerance, I will have to ask you to take it slow.

The effects of the girl scout cookies strain are overwhelming; it may leave you hungry and happy and create euphoric effects. If you are not an experienced cannabis consumer, starting with OG Kush or something similar is better. 

But, if coffee has been your second favorite plant for some time, then I am your friend. 

And, just as they say, “A friend with weed is a friend indeed.” 

The pungent and dessert-like aroma of the girl scout cookies strain is irresistible for medical marijuana patients. This marijuana strain boasts several flavors like sweet cherry, lemon, and mint. The cannabis community has been praising GSC for years. 

As one of the most sought-after strains, GSC can offer you several variants. Now, do you want to know a little something about GSC? In that case, you have to follow me along. 

What Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain? 

What Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl scout cookies strain, popularly named GSC, is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that uses OG Kush and Durban Poison as its crossing elements. Cannabis consumers with years of experience looking for something robust and solid would love the feeling of consuming GHC. 

This marijuana is a high level (19%) of THC. all you need is one hit of the GHC, and you will be feeling –

  • Happy 
  • Hungry
  • Stress-free
  • Overwhelmed 
  • And quick relief from chronic pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. 
  • It offers full-body relaxation.
  • The hybrid marijuana strain also creates a euphoric effect. 

GHC gives off a strong and pungent aroma and features bold flavors of mint, lemon, and sweet cherry. It has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. When they grow, they have green and purple colored buds with fiery orange-colored hair. GSC has also won several cannabis cup awards. 

If you are curious about its price– each gram of GSC will cost you $11. With praises from the consumer for years, GSC boasts several variants like Thin Mint, Platinum GSC, 

Girl Scout Cookie Strain Effects 

Judging the level of THC present in Girl scout cookies strain, you must be very careful before taking it. Unless you are an experienced consumer, it is better to refrain from it. However, if you are one of those old birds nesting in the cannabis paradise, you can go ahead and roll a joint. 

But before you consume it, I will suggest going through the effects of this strain. Here are some of those effects–


People who confuse GSC say that they felt extremely hungry consuming it. Marijuana smokers who lack appetite can consume it to boost hunger. 


Feeling giggly after consuming marijuana is very natural. GSC gives you the same giggly feeling of consuming OG Kush or similar. 


Another feeling you may experience upon consuming GSC is happiness. Many experienced consumers have claimed to feel extremely happy after consuming Girls Scout cookies.  

Side Effects Of Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Side Effects Of Girl Scout Cookies Strain

There are some negative side effects of GSC you must know before consuming it. Here are some of the negative feelings you might feel after consuming GSC–

Dry Mouth 

After smoking the GSC strain, you might feel your mouth go dry. Thousands of people who consumed this strain have reported that they felt a dry mouth after smoking the Girl Scout cookies. 


Feeling paranoid after the consumption of GSC is another prominent side effect. 

Dry Eye

Like the dry mouth, many consumers also reported GSC to have a dry eye side effect upon consuming it. 

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Flavors

The bold and pungent scent and flavor of the GSC is the main selling point of this strain. However, there are some flavors of this strain to make it more attractive. You can take a look here–

  • Mint 
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon 
  • Sweet Cherry. 

How Does GSC Help? 

Consumers have stated that GSC helps in various ways. For instance–

  • Consumers can deal with anxiety and depression upon consuming it. 
  • It treats loss of appetite temporarily.
  • Headaches, nausea, and migraine patients feel relieved after consuming it. 
  • People who have severe chronic pain feel helped by this strain. 
  • Experienced consumers who lack sleep can benefit from the high level of THC present in GSC. 

Frequently Asked Question

So, I hope I have enlightened you on how vibrant and euphoric GSC can be; now, if you have further questions, the ones I answered here might be of help to you. 

What Does GSC Stand For?

Girl scout cookies strain is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain is celebrated and admired for the euphoric sensation, happiness, and relaxation it creates among consumers. 

Why Is The GSC Strain Called Cookies?

The name of this strain of marijuana takes its name after its flavors. According to the consumers, the strain tastes much like a thin mint. The minty chocolate finish of this strain does not have any sweet taste. The name is mainly for the slight skunky flavor. 

Does GSC Make You Sleepy?

As I told you earlier, if you are not tolerant enough to THC, you should refrain from consuming GSC. But if you are an experienced consumer, then you can consume it. When you are looking for something flavors to help you sleep better, then GSC can be your helping hand. 

Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain Exotic?

This strain named GSC is cultivated by professional growers of OG Exotic. GSC is an Indica dominant strain, and it gives away a sweet and pungent aroma; several flavors like lemon, mint, and wood are present in it to help you float. 


Among the thousands of strains of different cannabis plants, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is a winner. This strain holds several awards and the praise of experienced smokers from different parts of the globe. But, before consuming it, any smoker should know the different effects, side effects, and benefits of consuming it. 

The article above should provide you with all the necessary info you need on GSC. However, for any additional queries, please contact us through the comment section.

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