GreenStar Biosciences: A Leader in Transformational Medicine



GreenStar Biosciences (CSE:GSTR, OTC Pink:GTSIF) has launched their campaign on the Investing News Network’s life science channel.

GreenStar Biosciences (CSE:GSTR, OTC Pink:GTSIF) is a company focused on growth-oriented technologies with its core interest in transformational medicines and wellness. In particular, the company is targeting the psychedelic market in large part thanks to acquisitions and development of assets, products and technologies.

Within the psychedelics space, GreenStar Biosciences stands out from its competitors because it has physicians as part of its management team and four provisional patents filed for medicines that the company believes will have true efficacy in treating certain conditions.

Additionally, GreenStar Biosciences is forming a scientific advisory board that will focus largely on the psychedelics space because it is committed to the product basis and the types of medicine the company is developing.

GreenStar Biosciences’ company highlights include the following:

  • Is focused primarily in the US market for head trauma
  • Currently targeting the psychedelics market through its acquisition of Eleusian Biosciences
  • Therapeutic areas the company is focused on include  brain trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) associated with head trauma
  • Through the acquisition, GreenStar Biosciences acquired provisional patents to treat PTSD or mTBI with PTSD
  • A third provisional patent was also acquired for methods and compositions for treating mTBI PTSD alone with 3,4 MDMA plus NAC
  • Its fourth patent pending is a medical device for delivery of medicines to the olfactory bulb and GreenStar is currently searching for a device development partner.
  • Eleusian is collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of scientists and physicians from the University of Miami to develop therapeutics to treat mTBI  with PTSD or PTSD alone based on the combination of psilocybin and NAC
  • Through its subsidiary Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation Inc., GreenStar Biosciences owns certain assets including the property leases and intellectual property of Cowlitz
  • Cowlitz is one of the top 5 Tier 2 processors in Washington state and has its products  broadly available at dispensaries across the state

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