How and Why to Use a Cannabis Grinder?

As CBD industry is rapidly growing year after year, more and more CBD products and different equipment to make consuming CBD, one of the main elements of industrial hemp, easier are appearing on the market. Have you ever heard about cannabis grinder? If not, this guide is what you need. We will uncover the main aspects of this product and give you the answers to the main questions about it. Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelt and let’s get started!

What is a grinder, and why do I need one for CBD?

In general, a cannabis grinder, or cannabis grinder machine, is equipment for crushing CBD flowers. It can be used to break down the flowers into small chunks, so they are of a similar size and consistency to be evenly spread on a paper and then rolled into it. Such method allows for more heat to pass through and therefore release more flavour and aroma as well as enhance the potential of receiving benefits of CBD.

Also, CBD flowers ground in small chunks can be used in making a variety of CBD edibles. You can find some recipes of meals with CBD, particularly CBD flowers, in our blog.

Standard cannabis grinder has four compartments:

  • Lid. It contains teeth for grinding the flowers.
  • Grind section. This part has teeth for grinding and holes for flowers to fall through. 
  • Storage chamber. This is a section for placing CBD flowers to break down. Also, CBD flowers can be stored there for the latter use. The screen in the storage chamber holds in the ground flowers, allowing pollen to fall into the pollen catcher, at the bottom.
  • Pollen catcher. This section collects the pollen.

Thanks to its simple structure and compact format, cannabis grinder is not complicated to use as well, and we will talk about it in the next section.

How to use a CBD grinder?

The process of using a cannabis grinder is easy and user-friendly. It can be divided into the following steps:

  • Open the grinder and place CBD flowers in the teeth of it, between the lid and grind section. Don’t put any flowers in the centre where the magnet pivots are. Leave out any seeds and stems.
  • Close the grinder and then turn back and forth to grind the flowers. Grind down the flowers with around 10 rotations until all the flowers through the holes into the storage chamber — there will be some resistance at first, and then it will twist smoothly.
  • Unscrew the grind section and storage chamber to get ground flowers up and then open the pollen catcher and take the broken chunks for further use.

Remember that these directions are suitable for a 4-piece cannabis grinder. In order to use other kinds of cannabis grinders, steps can differ depending on composition of the tool.

Herb grinderHerb grinder

What kinds of grinders are there?

Grinders are usually circular, resembling a puck, so they can be rotated to break down CBD flowers. There is a variety of cannabis grinders on the market. And mostly they have the same structure. However, they can be divided into some categories.

The first classification of grinders is based on the material. There are three types of grinders in it:

  • Metal. This kind is expensive, but durable. MJ has a pleasure to offer metal herb grinder to the clients. 
  • Plastic. They are cheap, but break easily.
  • Wood. These grinders are often more attractive, but hard to clean.

The next type of classification is based on size. Grinders come in a variety of sizes typically from 5 to 15 centimetres in diameter. With a small grinder, multiple loads to break down flowers can be needed, however, grinders with such size are portable and easy to have on hand or throw in a backpack. 

Larger grinders can break down more CBD flowers in one load and make it easier to break down any amount of flowers, but they aren’t as portable.

The third main classification of cannabis grinder machines is based on composition. There are various kinds of grinders as follows:

  • 2-piece versions. The simplest composition of cannabis grinder. It contains only storage and grind sections.
  • 3-piece versions. As well as the 2-piece version, it doesn’t contain pollen catchers.
  • 4-piece versions. The standard kind of cannabis grinders, which is manufactured under the MJ brand.
  • 5-piece versions. This modification can either have two storage chambers or two pollen catchers.

Choosing the best cannabis grinder, don’t forget that composition of this tool affects its possibilities and sequence of steps to get the desired result.

Final thoughts

This is the basic information about cannabis grinder machine, one of MJ products for the great CBD sessions. This product can help all the CBD consumers to have all they need on hand any time. However, it’s greatly important to understand that only legal use of CBD is appropriate. Carefully check global and local CBD and THC legislations. If you have any further questions about CBD, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you.


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