How to grow Cannabis in small spaces?

Micro growing is making use of small or limited space to cultivate Cannabis. To do this, you need to ensure adequate height space since you need more height than the width of your growing area. Also, you need to have a sterile and well-ventilated environment. In addition, it would be best to cultivate Cannabis strains that stay super small without doing any intervention to keep their size.

How to grow Cannabis in small spaces?

What is Micro Growing?

Micro growing is utilizing small or limited space to cultivate Cannabis plants. It is an indoor growing that focuses on using little space as possible. Sometimes, cultivators grow Cannabis plants in a shoebox, DIY tents, bar fridges, cupboards, plastic storage containers, and even computer cases. Also, some growers choose to purchase ready-to-use stealth grow boxes.

In micro growing, you do not need to go big. The minimum amount of growing space in a regular micro setup is 35cm×35cm×75cm (14in×14in×30in). You can have a healthy harvest with proper lighting and ventilation, correct strains, a watering and feeding schedule, and the right nutrients. As long as you provide your crops with an optimal condition, they can live and thrive.

Aside from saving limited space in micro growing, it can also help your Cannabis plants maintain a secretive growth. In micro growing, you can easily hide your Cannabis plants in tiny spaces. Aside from that, the aroma is not as strong compared to crops in bigger grow sites, making it discrete when cultivated.

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What strains of Cannabis are best for growing in a small space?

When you decide to grow Cannabis in small spaces, you have to keep in mind that there are strains that grow big and tall. Thus, it would be best to cultivate Cannabis strains that stay super small without doing any intervention to keep their size. The following photoperiod Cannabis strains are the best options for growing Cannabis plants in small spaces:

  1. Bumble Bomb
  2. Cream Caramel
  3. Hash Plant
  4. Tropicana Cookies Purple
  5. Tutankhamon

In growing Cannabis plants in a small space, Indica strains are advisable because of their short and stocky nature. Though you can also cultivate Sativa strains, it will require much attention to prune them. You may also consider autoflowering Cannabis strains as they tend to stay small.

Autoflowering strains of Cannabis start to develop their buds in 3-4 weeks from germination. By 2-3 months, they are ready for harvest. Because of this quick life cycle, almost all auto-flowering strains stay small. However, it would be best if you considered the following strains listed below to ensure the smallest possible Cannabis plants:

  1. Amnesia Auto
  2. Banana Kush Auto
  3. Berry Bomb Auto
  4. Black Jack Auto
  5. Blue Critical Auto
  6. Cinderella Jack Auto
  7. Cream Cookies Auto
  8. Cream Mandarine Auto
  9. Lemon Haze Auto
  10. Pineapple Express Auto
  11. Tangerine Dream Auto
  12. THC Bomb Auto
  13. Wedding Cake Auto

What do I need for micro-growing Cannabis?

Growing your Cannabis plants in micro space shares requirements like any other growing setup as big as a warehouse. However, it would be best to keep in mind that it is all about lesser space but more on optimizing conditions. Thus, to make your Cannabis plants grow healthy, you need the following:

  1. Adequate Height Space. In micro growing, you will need more height than width to keep the lights off the plants. You can train bigger plants to grow upward as opposed to outward growth.
  2. Sterile Environment. You need to keep your growing space clean as much as possible. Cannabis plants must be safe from molds, mildews, bugs, and pests. Also, you need to avoid standing water; you have to drain the plants and grow space properly.
  3. Ventilation. Cannabis plants need fresh air to thrive. It would be best to have an AC unit or heater to regulate the climate of your growing environment.

How to set up grow lights in a small growing space?

Using appropriate grow light is vital to make your Cannabis survive and thrive healthy in a micro space. One of the perfect grow lights is LEDs since you can place them close to the canopy without burning or bleaching your Cannabis plants. Avoid using HPS and HPI lights since they produce too much heat.

Ideally, LED panels are best used for micro growing. A 15 Watt panel can produce up to 3000 lumens. It produces almost no heat making your Cannabis plants safe from burning and bleaching. Also, it does not take up too much space since the panel measures 130mm×110mm only.

You may also use 60 Watts LED panel for micro growing. Upon use, keep it running for 25-50% of its light capacity to control the Cannabis stretch during the vegetative stage. During the flowering stage, raise it to 50-75%.

The question now is where to position your grow lights?

If you are a traditional indoor farmer, you will set the grow light directly above the canopy. However, this setup will not work as a micro grower in small spaces. Thus, making it not the best option for growing light position.

If you are growing Cannabis plants in small vertical spaces such as grow boxes, small cupboards, or furniture pieces, placing your grow lights along one or multiple sides of your Cannabis plants would be best. It will allow you to develop a more extensive canopy. Also, it will improve light penetration through the canopy. Since you are only utilizing limited space, it will also prevent your Cannabis plants from stretching towards the top of your grow space.

How to hydrate your Cannabis in a small growing area?

Watering for Cannabis micro growing is tricky because of the limited space of your crops. If you decide to grow your Cannabis plants in a small area, you have to ensure that you will have enough space around the base of your crop. It is to secure that you can water your Cannabis plants comfortably.

Avoid water sitting on your growing medium as it can also cause soil problems like root rot. You can read more about root rot in this article. Also, do not employ water splashing up onto the foliage and buds of your Cannabis plants because it might result in fungal issues like bud rot. You can read more about bud rot in this article.

If your growing space cannot let you walk around or get yourself a good position over your plants, ensure that you will remove your Cannabis plants container for watering. You will avoid messing up your growing space as you water them.

Installing an automatic watering system is not advisable when you direct yourself to micro growing. Thus, it is preferable to manually use a small can or bottle to water your Cannabis plants.

What are the most common issues of growing Cannabis in small spaces?

Lighting is one of the common concerns in micro growing. You have to set it up from a safe distance to avoid leaves or buds getting burned. If you want to learn more about light burn you should check out the article that we wrote about it.

The height of your Cannabis plants as they grow can also be an issue when growing Cannabis plants in micro space. Thus, selecting an adequate space with more height than its width is necessary. If your growing area is tiny, you can shorten your plants by topping or pruning.

Another thing that you need to look closely at is the genetics of your Cannabis plants. Sativa and Indica strains grow differently. Sativa grows lanky with a more open bud structure. On the other hand, Indica tends to be short and stocky with denser buds. Thus, Indica is more favorable in micro growing because of its short growth nature. Though you can work with Sativa, you need to pay attention and time to prune them.

In micro growing, you need to pay attention to climate control, which is crucial. LED lights can help regulate the overall temperature of your growing space. Maintain a healthy temperature of 70°-75° Fahrenheit (21°-24° Celsius) with a 40-75% relative temperature. Also, you will still need a fan to encourage fresh air in your micro area.

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