Industry Announcement: World CBD Awards Postponed

With just two weeks to go until the World CBD Awards global event, the team at WCA have made the difficult decision to postpone the annual industry event in light of a knock on effect of travel disruptions. With many of the guest speakers and attendees unable to attend or facing travel uncertainty the team made the tough decision to move the event to October, hoping that travel conditions will be more favourable at this time.

World CBD Awards 2022

While the news may come as a disappointment to some, who where looking forward to exhibiting at and potentially collecting awards at the event this July, the team have clarified they did not want to move ahead with an event that didn’t fulfil it’s true potential. The Extract will keep you up to date with new October dates and further announcements as they come.

Read the Full Statement Below:

World CBD Awards Postponed

With the recent cancellations and delays in air travel globally, we have had many concerns and issues from attendees about their travel arrangements to this year’s event; these travel issues are not looking to improve around July and if anything are progressively getting worse.

In Spain during July there are also many threats of strikes by airline and haulage companies, which is expected to cause major disruption over the busiest travel period. Our travel experts have advised us that the current issues airlines are facing should be back to normal by mid September.

As you are aware the World CBD Awards is an international event and is all about bringing the industry together by sharing global opportunities, we have taken the decision to move the event to October and will finalise the exact dates this following week.

The last thing that we want to do is deliver an event where the attendance is dictated by external factors out of our control, we also did not want any of our attendees to experience any of the issues many are currently facing; hence the decision to change the dates to a more suitable time for everyone.

This decision was not taken lightly and with the positive feedback we have had already, we know we are making the right decision to ensure the best event for all attending.

We appreciate everyone’s support and feedback on this decision and we look forward to seeing you all in October.

Yours Sincerely,
World CBD Awards Team


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