Is CBD safe for cats?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been an all-around pet supplement and is considered safe by veterinarians. Pet owners are directing themselves to turn to CBD as an all-natural supplement for their cats. Usually, they use it as a supplement for cats with epilepsy, organ and joint inflammation, resulting in pain, anxiety, and chronic diseases. However, CBD works best for relieving symptoms only. It is not a cure. It is always best to consult your vet before adding any supplement, like CBD, to your cats’ diet.

Is CBD safe for cats?

What are the benefits of CBD on cats?

CBD is known for its benefits to humans. It is known to decrease inflammation and can lessen chronic pain. The following are the known benefits of CBD on cats:

  • relieve chronic pain
  • reduces cats’ anxiety, fear, and timidity
  • fights the growth of cancer cells
  • makes their hair healthy, soft, and shiny
  • reduces the effect of various skin diseases
  • lessen discomfort due to inflammatory bowel disease
  • helps mobility issues due to arthritis
  • reduce frequency and intensity of seizures in cats with epilepsy

What are the side effects of CBD on cats?

Like humans, CBD will also have side effects on cats. However, the result may vary among cats due to their type and genetic makeup. Thus, unlike humans, who will experience mild side effects, the tolerance and reaction to CBD will differ within cat groups.

Consult your veterinarian when you are thinking about using CBD for your cats. Upon administering, monitor the sleeping schedule of your cats since drowsiness is one of the common side effects of CBD. You have to take note of this since cats, by nature, love to sleep.

Other side effects of CBD to your cats are nausea, vomiting, and changes in appetite. Though these symptoms are rare and not severe, you have to reduce the dosage of CBD. If it gets worsens, consult your vet.

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What is the proper dosage of CBD for cats?

Start with a low dosage and increase it gradually when necessary. Do not get excited and avoid giving them large doses, for it might hurt them. You have to ensure that you are doing it slowly and right by giving your cats’ bodies time to adjust to CBD without triggering any possible side effects.

Let your vet guide you on the proper dosage for your cats. Do not forget to read the label of the product for precautionary measures. If you want to treat the chronic disease of your cats, the following dosage guideline might be helpful to you:


How to administer CBD to cats?

Most pet owners mix CBD with their pet’s food. As observed, most cats love the taste of CBD oil, and they will lick it right away in their container. However, it is not advisable to give CBD to cats sublingually. Cats are not fond of messes in their mouth.

Cats are different from one another. So, you have to play around with them to discover the best way possible to administer CBD to them. As long as it is working and favorable to them, you are doing the right thing.

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