Keep Marijuana from Being Stolen by Animals

Growing marijuana is legal in some places while it is not allowed in some other. At this time, the main concern of writing is to get to know about the ways to keep your marijuana from being stolen by animals. So, here we assume that in our location, we are allowed to grow marijuana in our garden and we only need to protect it from being stolen by animals.

If you love marijuana and you have spent lots of hours for successfully growing it in your garden. Now you see that it’s growing and you will also notice that its smell is simply amazing that can be felt even from inside house. As a matter of fact, the animals have a sharp sense of smell than humans. So, if you can smell it from inside your house, the animals in your house can easily smell it, no matter cats or dogs. So, it becomes important for you to protect your marijuana from animals. The reason is that you have invested your time, energy as well as money in growing marijuana in your garden and can’t afford to see half eaten leaves and stems of it scattered everywhere in your garden. Definitely, you don’t want to see such a situation for the reason that once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. You can’t tell the animals not to eat it so you need to get to know the proper ways to protect your marijuana via smell proof bags.

Ways to protect your marijuana

The first and foremost as well as the simplest thing you can do to protect your marijuana from animals is built a fence around it so that they couldn’t approach your plant. What is the best recommendation to form a hard barrier against your lovely plants? The best way is to use a coffee can to make a hard barrier against it. This is the most effective way to keep your marijuana being stolen from animals.

If you have experience of doing some sort of legal gardening, you may have been using the pen made out of chicken wire but the problem with this is that it won’t protect your plant from cannabis growers so, in this regard, the best option for you is to make use of coffee can, as mentioned above for the reason that its sort of simple, secure method as well as inexpensive way to protect your delicate plants from being stolen. Wallabies and rabbits feel affection for the leafy plants. Fortunately, there are some ways through which you can easily avoid this sort of horrible situation for your marijuana plants too. You can purchase blood meal powder to protect your marijuana from rabbits merely by sprinkling it around your plant. But, the carnivorous animals will get attracted towards it and potentially damage your plant.

The last but not the least and the most effective method to keep your marijuana being stolen by both herbivores and carnivores is make use of urine of predatory cat like a mountain lion. The method is simple. All you need to do is simply spread it around your plant to repel the mammals.  You can buy the urine online or from any nursery around your house.

Store marijuana in smell proof bags

For packing edibles, especially for marijuana, you need to have smell proof bags with the assurance of utmost quality. Keeping in mind all the bags aren’t equally created, you need to have smell proof bags with the assurance of utmost quality, you can trust containers for marijuana to get Mylar bags, smell proof paper bags as well as heat sealers at fair prices.



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