Khiron LifeSciences Featured On PotNetwork

Organigram Obtains Licensed Dealer Status in Canada

Organigram Obtains Licensed Dealer Status in Canada

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSXV:KHRN) was recently featured on a PotNetwork exclusive article in light of the company’s debut on the TSX-V.

Describing the progres the company has made so far, CEO Alvaro Torres said, “I can assure you, if you go to Colombia today and ask about medical cannabis, the first name that will come up in everybody’s words and minds is Khiron.” Khiron is Colombia’s first company outside of the mining industry to go public on the Toronto Stock exchange.

Torres believes that Khiron is paving the path for new Colombian entrepreneurs and venture capitalists by proving that there are other ways to raise capital in more efficient capital markets. Describing this as a significant milestone for the company, Torres believes that the company is a unique entity in the cannabis industry being a Canadian company with operations in Colombia. The company’s goal at the moment is to cater to Colombia’s emerging Cannabis industry by “winning the hearts and minds of both doctors and patients across the country.” Their goal is to “normalize medical cannabis as much as possible, to make both doctors and patients feel comfortable.”

Furthermore, the article briefly touches upon the company’s next move, which would be to expand across all of Latin America. “We’re looking now to enter into Mexico,” Torres noted. “We believe that, now that the government of Colombia has done all of this regulation, every county in the region is following suit.”

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