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You may have seen something like it at the gas station while filling up for gas, a flat panel lcd playing the news, with various ads, running as you fill up your tank.  The concept is pretty simple, but genius, broadcasting content to all locations from a central hub.

The world’s daily activities are full of waiting, waiting in lines, traffic, on the phone, and in places where you wait, like waiting rooms. Ads are everywhere, billboards, television, newspapers, online; why not in the waiting room, and why not for cannabis?

Cannabis is one of those things that still have a negative stigma because of a negatively campaigned history due to industrial greed and racism. Today, people are a little more aware with youtube and activism, however, cannabis is still federally illegal and continues to remain illegal in many countries. The law is a 1930’s law that we just are not ready to completely dissolve. To get around the negative stigma, we need to continue to educate, and what better a setting than a waiting room?

The Medical Cannabis Network, for example, provides this service for dispensaries to play content in their waiting rooms, while educating patients and recreational users about the benefits of cannabis. Patients are not only educated, but go home leaving with more knowledge than they already had. That knowledge is passed on, and the negative stigma of cannabis slowly goes away.


With education comes the opportunity for advertising. Producers might show their ad in dispensaries carrying their products. An informative commercial about a particular item might catch the attention of a patient waiting and help to sell more product.


An while patients wait, they have something to do, something to watch, reducing perceived wait times.

Education does not have to end in the waiting room, as ads and content will continue to be shared and through word of mouth.  Keep educating and let’s let cannabis treat and cure those who it can help and those who need it.

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