Over 100 cannabis plants found at Thai parliament in Bangkok

More than 100 cannabis plants have been found growing in the grounds of the Thai parliament in Bangkok. Nobody has claimed responsibility for them, and nobody admits to having any idea of who might be responsible.

The Thai parliament. Photo: gympumpkin

The plants were uncovered on Friday July 22 2022. A large banyan tree had been knocked down by strong winds the previous Wednesday night. Gardeners were shocked – SHOCKED! – to find over 100 cannabis plants that were between one and three inches long growing nearby. Some were in small pots, while some had been planted around large trees.

Watchara Petthong is a one-time Democrat member of parliament. He told Thai media that whoever grew the plants had “great agricultural skills.” This is because the soil around the Thai parliament was of good quality, but over 347 trees perished there previously, yet these cannabis plants were “growing nicely.” Watchara called for the director of the Parliament Security Office, Aroon Laipongpaew, to look into the matter.

Police are also investigating. A review of CCTV footage will take place. Approaches will be made to gardeners and grounds-keepers. Yutthana Samphaongern, a spokesperson for the Secretariat of the House of Representatives, believes the seedlings were planted after Wednesday on the grounds that they couldn’t have withstood the strong winds and heavy rain.

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