Regenerative Cannabis Farming and Spirituality with Swami

Regenerative Cannabis Farming and Spirituality with Swami

Regenerative Cannabis Farming and Spirituality with Swami

In this episode of the Canna Cribs Podcast, Nick talks with Swami Chaitanya to learn about his spiritual journey, his cannabis philosophy and much more!

Canna Cribs Podcast is dedicated to bringing you the best guests from the cannabis space to continue providing our viewers new, educational content for professionals, home growers, and enthusiasts.

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Table of Contents:

00:00 Opening
01:08 Shout out to Treez, Grodan, GreenBroz, HLG, and Athena Nutrients
02:01 Swami’s story and background
10:49 Art and cannabis
19:19 Swami’s spiritual journey
29:45 Purpose in meditation
43:45 Growing philosophy
48:05 Treez open API platform
49:28 Regenerative farming
01:07:42 Terpenes
01:10:50 Energy charged cannabis
01:15:53 Apellation
01:25:20 Treez dispensary solutions
01:27:51 How did Swami Select start?
01:38:01 The spirit of cannabis
01:41:13 What’s next for Swami?
01:46:10 Nick’s summary
01:47:41 Cannacribs outro


What’s in the interview?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. Care to introduce yourself?

You have a very interesting story. Can you tell us about your journey from East Coast Academic to Cannabis Holy man?

Significant event lead to this?
How long were you in San Francisco?
Can you describe the cannabis scene back then?

Where else have you traveled?
How did cannabis fit into your journey?
Based on your extensive travels – How do people outside of the US view cannabis differently than we do?
What lessons can we learn from them?
How common is personal cultivation in the places you’ve lived?

Let’s talk about regenerative farming…
What is it?
Does it lend itself to organic growing methods?

How does cannabis fit into your spirituality?
How can it help others in terms of spirituality?

You talk about the “Spirit of Cannabis” and trying to drive awareness back to the plant…
What should we be aware of?
Is the Spirit of Cannabis found through growing?
How has growing cannabis affected your spirit?

You have a cannabis brand, Swami Select. Can you tell us about it?
When did you start the brand?

Do you implement the regenerative farming techniques you mentioned?
How does the brand tie into your beliefs about the spirit of cannabis?

What’s next for Swami?

Anything else you’d like to mention that we didn’t get a chance to talk about?

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