The BEST INDICA WEED STRAINS from around the World!

What do we expect from an indica-based cannabis?

Richer in CBD and slightly lower than sativa strains, we are talking mellow highs rather than rocket fuel, but you will get stoned!

Indica plants are more popular than sativa ones as they tend to be smaller and flowering time is appreciably shorter too.

So, if you are an impatient person who likes to kick back and relax at the end of the day, you want to pay particular attention to the top-ten best indica strains we have identified.

Let’s start with Critical Kush, a fairly high THC count of 22% is tempered by the 2% CBD, so the effect is long lasting, that’s for sure.

Expect a sense of total relaxation and sleepiness, so this is a great nighttime smoke, especially if you suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep.

What also makes it popular is the great taste – citrus, earthiness and spice is unmistakable.
And the final bit of good news – this is a great plant for beginners too!

LA Confidential has been around for a good 15 years and has a great reputation for delivering great highs that are underlined with a surge of energy.

As for growing it – an indoor grow tent is ideal as the plants aren’t too big and yields are still good, with a flowering time of around eight weeks.

Black Domina – hmmm sounds like the dominatrix when it’s more of a pussy cat.
This really is a gem of the indica strain, being a mix of Afghani, Ortega, Hash Plant and Northern Lights.

The result? Lower THC levels leading to the type of high that leaves you feeling slightly euphoric and very giggly.

Once again this is a good plant to grow indoors as it is short and stocky with compact foliage.

This is a great night-time smoke thanks to 15% THC and 1% CBD on average.

Expect to feel a strong high that is defined by feelings of euphoria and deep relaxation resulting from this combination of Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino.

Definitely a plant that prefers indoor growing, Cream Caramel will yield you around 550g per square metre.

How about Enemy of the State?

Sounds like the sort of stuff spies would smoke, though if they did they’d be too stoned to do anything else! Maybe that’s how the Cold War really ended…

Beyond inducing an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and being at peace with the world, this is no real enemy.

In fact, it is a friend of the many who suffer from headaches, pain, stress, and cramps, as this seems to be highly effective against such maladies.

Flowering time is usually around seven weeks and like Cream Caramel, you can expect to achieve a harvest of 550g per square meter of a cannabis that releases scents of sweetness, flowers and spice.

Northern Lights won’t have you seeing an awesome light show in the midnight sky, but if you smoke cannabis, this is a name you will surely have heard of.

The 18% THC level will still provide an intense high, deep stoning and a sense of relaxation, rounded off with an energetic edge.

Not bad for a strain of cannabis that’s been around since 1985, so you can ask your parents their thoughts about it!!

This is also popular with new growers owing to its relative indestructible nature as a plant, which can grow to an impressive size.

LA Cheese – that’s LA as in Los Angeles, not as in the French word ‘la marijuana’.

LA Cheese is an elite indica strain, a cross of Big Buddha Cheese and LA Confidential.

With equally good levels of THC and CBD, LA Cheese has become very popular with those who take cannabis for genuine medical reasons.

It’s also a great plant to grow indoors with its thick, bushy and short plants that give a medium yield with flowering occurring after ten weeks.

OG LA Affie is a bit of a mouthful, but the sedating, relaxing and almost psychedelic effects make it just as memorable.

This is a real Netflix and chill cannabis as it won’t leave you feeling totally overwhelmed or stoned, just happy and capable of binge-watching Squid Game and still making some sense of it!

Great for an indoor grow tent, this short plant will produce yields of up to 450g per square meter.
Confidential OG is a 100% pure indica strain bred from Afghani and OG Kush.

A superfast flowering time is tempered by a modest yield of around 300g per square meter, but the deeply calming and relaxing high you’ll get from smoking it will more than make up for any disappointment in the size of the harvest.

Last on the list, and we’ve been saving the best till last, is California Hash Plant.

This is brilliant for beginners, both in terms of smoking cannabis as well as growing it.

THC levels are at a modest 8-12%, giving you a great mellow smoke, ideal for during the day.
There is no huge head buzz and instead this is a nice relaxing and calming smoke.

If you like to grow your plants outdoors, best get the camouflage net out as the plants can grow up to three metres tall!

And that’s all from us today, but what do you think? Let us know your favourite indica strains in the comment section below!

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