The Bud Grower Review | Complete Indoor Grow Kit

the bud grower review

There are currently 18 states including Washington DC that have legalized adult-use cannabis. One of the most important factors for many citizens of these states has been the introduction of growing cannabis from the safety of their homes.

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Many people are taking the DIY approach to learn a new skill: growing and cultivation, and The Bud Grower Kits makes it easy!


Benefits of Growing at Home

  •       Saving up to 90% Vs Retail Costs
  •       Growing 100% Organic Cannabis
  •       Growing The Right Products For You
  •       It’s fun growing your product before using it


The idea of growing from home allows many to begin a new venture into cultivating high-quality, 100% organic cannabis that saves them money and is right for them. The Bud Grower pride themselves on understanding the growing process and they want to be there to help you understand the grower’s journey.

When first-time growers start the process, they can be met with hardware that gives you everything you need, but nothing to help with understanding how to grow as well as online forums that are almost daunting to look through for someone starting out.

The combination of expensive grow classes and over-saturation of information led us to combine high-quality hardware and extensive cultivation knowledge to give beginners everything they need to successfully complete their first harvest.

Their determination to assist those and provide all forms of help from the setup process to harvest – TheBudGrower provides the best possible growing solutions!

Starter Indoor

Grows 1-3 Plants

16-19 Weeks

HPS: 150-W | 18,200 Ln


retail price $800

PRICE: $417.99

Signature HPS

Grows 1-3 Plants

16-19 Weeks

HPS: 150-W | 18,200 Ln


retail price $1,243.95

PRICE: $576.95

Signature LED

Grows 1-3 Plants

17-20 Weeks

LED: 600-W | 20,900 Ln


retail price $1,412

PRICE: $675.95

Dual Power

Grows 8-9 Plants

14-19 Weeks

LED: 1200-W | 41,800 Ln


retail price $2,774

PRICE: $927.95

Signature Hydroponic

Grows 1-3 Plants

14-18 Weeks

LED: 1200-W | 41,800 Ln


retail price $2,019

PRICE: $889.90

Advanced Hydroponic

Grows 9-12 Plants

14-18 Weeks

LED: 1200-W | 41,800 Ln


retail price $3,090

PRICE: $1,225.90


The Bud Grower Features

The Bud Grower was designed to give beginners a strong foundation on which to expand their cultivation education. When Bud Grower started the process of building the best all-in-one grow kit they took into account everything that could define the product as “quality”.

  • It starts with the tent itself. The Bud Grower has the sturdiest tent poles, each one can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • With a 1680D high reflective mylar interior, you can guarantee that every area within the tent will be illuminated with the perfect amount of light.
  • Also, provide plenty of ventilation holes that can be opened and closed to allow for more humidity in the earlier stages of the grow cycle and opened during those later stages.
  • While the exterior material of other grow tents can be plastic and flimsy, the Kevlar tent exterior means that the product can handle the tough stuff and last for extended grow cycles.
  • Combine these factors with a hand-stitched zipper lining that keeps virtually all light inside, and you have one of the most efficient tents on the market.
  • On top of that, they offer a wide range of sizes. The Start Kit, Signature HPS, and Signature LED Grow kits are 24x24x60, while the Dual Grow Kit is 24x48x60, and their largest kit, the Advanced Indoor Grow Kit is 48x48x84.


bud grower kits


The Best Nutrients and Soils

California Super Soil is the best soil nature has to offer. This is where their dedication to the craft comes full circle. They understood that the best areas in the world to grow plants are deep river valleys.

Natural run-off moves all the nutrients and sediment to deep valleys and California has some of the deepest valleys in the country. On top of that, TheBudGrower also provides the most well-known potting soil for cultivating your crops: Foxfarm Ocean blend potting soil. Combining the two of these soils provides the most optimal soil performance on the market.

While these factors provide an exceptional nutrient experience, it would be nothing without the proper lighting source. The Starter Grow Kit, Signature HPS Indoor Grow Kit, and Signature LED Kit come with enough soil to fill two 5-gallon cloth pots.



The Bud Grower Grow Lights

When Bud Grower came up with the initial concept, They wanted to work with the best products available and were able to team up with premium manufacturers to develop a specialized grow light for their desired needs. The LED lights needed to have these qualities.


Low Energy – Consuming

Consuming 120W and also mounted with 354 chips, TS1000 has the ability to replace a 250W HPS light while reducing 15% the power intake.


Patent Highly-Reflective Hood Shape

The reflector design is patented, which can effectively gather the light dispersed in all directions to enhance its light intensity as well as assist plants in absorbing more light.


Awesome Dimmable Ballast

Allows adapting to the growing needs of the plants in different periods. It supplies different light levels for various plant stages while saving energy.


Amazing Sunlike Full-Spectrum Lighting

LED delivers optimal light-spectrum coverage—more power for your blooms and maximum PAR output at various distances, with super-bright lights that your plants will love


Low Noise

No grow light fan is needed


While other lights can zap your electricity bill sky high, the quantum board LED lights to provide 600w while only needing 120w – slightly more than charging your cell phone. Bud grower wanted to provide an efficient way to grow while cutting down on energy costs.


Filtration: Ventilation System

After The Bud Grower created the best light system for the tent, they wanted to focus on the filtration system. In most cases, the process of growing from home can create unwanted odors. Sometimes the smell can permeate outside of your living space. Therefore, went through the process of developing the best carbon filtration system.

The filtration system is made up of quality parts that help eliminate odors as well as create a constant flow of air circulation throughout the tent.  Brought in 2-inch-thick Australian charcoal to help eliminate up to 99% odors.

The Bud Grower 5-speed adjustable fan is powerful (yet silent) and helps to pull stagnant air out of the tent. Also, provide a 2x super long ducting system which you can place out an open window. The process is quiet and odorless.



Highest Quality Growing Products

Outside of the grow tent, this kit provides a huge list of accessories including a germination dome with a rapid rooter for germination/cloning, rope hangers, humidity monitor, pH meter, light timer, and 2 mason jars, and pruning snips.


thebudgrower review


Growing Advice

The last thing (but far from the least) was the ability to help those who wanted to learn. What really makes us stand out is that TheBudGrower provides a complete and comprehensive grow guide that gives you all information from germination to harvesting that is simple, easy to understand, and makes the overall process an overall enjoyable experience.

Along with the grow guide, a 30-minute webinar where you get to meet the team and learn about the benefits of growing.

Also, understand that you may have questions and they love answering them. TheBudGrower services offer free advice on how to grow and love helping. A dedicated team of growers who enjoy every aspect, and their goal is to share and help you along the way!


The Bud Grower Premium Results

The process is an enjoyable one. This is why Bud Grower has dedicated so much time to make sure that first-time growers will fall in love with the journey.

After your first harvest, you will not only see the savings, but you will also have the knowledge to continue the process over and over. TheBudGrower can guarantee that you will want to.



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