The man with over £1,300 of cannabis down his trousers

A man apprehended with cannabis worth over £1,300 down his trousers has received a suspended sentence on the Isle of Man. Messages found on his mobile phone provided evidence of his drug dealing.

The Isle of Man. Photo: Copernicus Sentinel-2, ESA –

How it came to pass

Shortly after midnight on 12 August 2021, police detected the smell of cannabis while patrolling on Allan Street in Douglas, the Manx capital. They followed it to Tynwald Street and found 21-year-old Lucas Winchester sitting at the wheel of a white Audi, speaking to another fella. A search of the car turned up a large quantity of cash in the car door storage pocket. Winchester was arrested.

At police headquarters

Upon being hauled to the police headquarters, Winchester surrendered the cannabis concealed in a black plastic wrap down his trousers in the crotch area. He informed officers that he was unaware of the cash, and the cannabis was for his own use. Messages on his mobile proved this to be false: he had often been selling cannabis to others. A search of his bedroom revealed a teeny set of scales.

The sentence

Winchester pleaded guilty to possessing and supplying cannabis. Deemster – one of the Isle of Man’s two judges – Graeme Cook took pity on him because he had secured “a decent job” and was seeking help for his cannabis-taking. Winchester was, Cook believed, evidently finding his “way out of the hole” he had got himself into, doubtless to fund his drug habit. He dished out a 10-month prison sentence suspended for a year and commented, “You work long hours and are working hard, and I wish you well.”

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