The Winners of the Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition 2022

Another superb Cannabis Cup has come and gone, and here are the highly anticipated results of the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition 2022! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our digital awards stream on July 24, where we introduced all of the first, second, and third place winners at this year’s SoCal People’s Choice Edition. If you missed the stream, you can catch the video here on our Facebook page, but we’ve also put together an extensive list of all of our amazing SoCal winners for you to enjoy.

This was the second-ever competition that was open to consumer judges in SoCal, and it was also one of the largest pools of judges that we’ve seen so far! The last High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition was held back in 2020, which highlighted an equally awesome selection of cannabis products to check out. But it’s been long overdue to revisit what kind of new strains and products have been gaining popularity in Southern California—and here we are.

Judges were provided a wide variety of unique products, many of which are exclusive to the Southern California cannabis market. From flower and pre-rolls to concentrates and edibles, we can’t thank you enough for dedicating your time and efforts to not only trying all of these amazing new products, but providing excellent feedback too.

Don’t forget you can check out the most up-to-date news on to see the winners of all of our recent People’s Choice competitions, including Colorado, Illinois, Alaska, and Massachusetts.

Indica Flower

First Place: Top-Shelf Cultivation – Whoa Si Whoa Flower

Courtesy of Top-Shelf Cultivation

Second Place: Team Elite Genetics – Styrofoam Cup Flower

Courtesy of Team Elite Genetics

Third Place: Triple Seven – Pancakes #7

Courtesy of Triple Seven

Sativa Flower

First Place: Team Elite Genetics – Pearadise Flower

Courtesy of Team Elite Genetics

Second Place: Triple Seven – Super Boof

Courtesy of Triple Seven

Third Place: Green Dragon – Tropical Slushie

Courtesy of Green Dragon

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Sense – Pink Certz Flower

Courtesy of Sense

Second Place: LitHouse – Jealousy Flower

Courtesy of LitHouse

Third Place: Wizard Trees – Studio 54

Courtesy of Wizard Trees


First Place: Top-Shelf Cultivation – Whoa Si Whoa Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Top-Shelf Cultivation

Second Place: Green Dragon – Southern Belle Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Green Dragon

Third Place: Pivot – Holy Grail Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Pivot

Infused Pre-Rolls

First Place: Jeeter – Watermelon Zkittlez Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Jeeter

Second Place: Baby Dojah – Watermelon Blast Solventless infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Baby Dojah

Third Place: Terp Stix – Blackberry Infused Pre-roll

Courtesy of Terp Stix

Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Bear Labs – Kiwi Thin Mintz Diamonds

Courtesy of Bear Labs

Second Place: Jetty Extracts – Super Lemon Haze Live Resin

Courtesy of Jetty Extracts

Third Place: URSA – Sunset Wave Live Resin

Courtesy of URSA

Vape Pens & Cartridges

First Place: PAX – Live Rosin with Natural Diamonds Blue Dream for PAX Era Vape

Courtesy of PAX

Second Place: High 90’s – Pineapple Disposable Vape

Courtesy of High 90’s

Third Place: Jetty Extracts – Banana Punch Cartridge

Courtesy of Jetty Extracts

Edibles: Gummies

First Place: Sensi – Sleepy Sour Cherry CBN Omega 3 Gummies

Courtesy of Sensi

Second Place: Marmas – Georgia Peach Marmalade Bite

Courtesy of Marmas

Third Place: Kiva – Camino Sours Watermelon Spritz

Courtesy of Kiva

Edibles: Non-Gummies

First Place: Bhang – Blueberry Dark Chocolate

Courtesy of Bhang

Second Place: Kiva – Lost Farm Chews Strawberry GG4

Courtesy of Kiva

Third Place: Hi-Burst – Sour Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Chew

Courtesy of Hi-Burst

Edibles: Beverages

First Place: Mari y Juana – Piña Soft Drink

Courtesy of Mari y Juana

Second Place: Keef – Mocktail Fruit Punch

Courtesy of Keef

Third Place: Drink LOUD – Pink Lemonade Potion

Courtesy of Drink LOUD


First Place: Dr. May – Balance Pro Topical Balm 1:1

Courtesy of Dr. May

Second Place: THC Living – Topical Patch 60mg

Courtesy of THC Living

Third Place: Jetty Extracts – Hand Sanitizer (*Made with Cannabis-Derived Terpenes)

Courtesy of Jetty Extracts

Tincture + Capsules

First Place: Kan+Ade – Extra Strength Watermelon 500mg THC Syrup

Courtesy of Kan+Ade

Second Place: The Root of It All – GO Focused Energy Tincture

Courtesy of The Root of It All

Third Place: Click – GO Spray

Courtesy of Click

A big thank you to our partners and sponsors!

Top-Shelf Cultivation – Presenting Sponsor – A tried and true crew of cultivators who are no stranger to the Cannabis Cup winners podium. After winning Cup after Cup and continually strengthening year after year, these guys are ready to show you who the top dogs are. Shout out to Kevin and the team. 
AMBER  – Silver Sponsor – AMBER is crafted by connoisseurs, for connoisseurs. We’ve tried a handful of their products and definitely give the stamp of approval. 
ROVE – Bronze Sponsor – If you don’t know who ROVE is, you must be living under a rock. A wonderful team that brings consistently amazing products to the market, with new product lines coming out just as your cartridges go empty.
Green Dragon – Our official dispensary partner that had lines of judges waiting outside in San Francisco down to Palm Springs ready to get their judge kits.
Big Oil Transport – The judge kits would not have arrived to all dispensaries without the incredible team at Big Oil for being our official transport partner. Huge thank you to Jason and the team! 
High 90s  – General Sponsor – High 90s has made their name in the industry with a popular line of no-frills disposable vape pens for with a color and flavor for everyone in the family. Our favorite? Double Cup. 
CCELL – Official Battery Partner – Because who doesn’t need some of the best vape pen batteries in the world right in your judge kit? All Vape Pen Judge Kits came with CCELL batteries to ensure your puffs never ran out of juice. 

Last but not least, BIG Thank you to Eric, Peter and the whole team at the Honey team in Maywood, we couldn’t have done this without you.

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