Two men busted for growing cannabis on a farm in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is strongly anti-drug. A British man was recently packed off to prison for 25 years for possessing four bottles of CBD oil. This was no more than 3% THC, and the man claimed to have been unaware of the bottles’ presence. Imagine the consternation when two men got busted for growing cannabis on a farm owned by their employer in Abu Dhabi to the tune of 14 plants.

The two miscreants and their cannabis plants. Photo: Abu Dhabi Police

What went down

Abu Dhabi Police arrested the men at 10 am on Tuesday July 19 2022 after receiving an anonymous tip-off that they were growing cannabis plants out-of-sight in one field of the farm where they worked. They were charged with promoting and distributing cannabis. Police disclosed that the men were of Asian origin, but did not specify the country they hailed from. Police released a photograph of the pair, albeit with their faces blanked out and no mention of their names. Police didn’t tell where the farm was, either.

The police decided the farm owner was unaware of the illicit goings-on at his establishment. Such a thing was possible because he apparently didn’t visit the farm regularly. A statement released by Abu Dhabi Police quoted Brigadier General Taher Ghareeb Al Dhaheri. He heads the Anti-Narcotics Directorate and directed farm owners to check on their employees regularly and urge them to not grow drugs. He also called on them to report it to police if they found cannabis plants on their farms. The phone numbers were 999, like in the United Kingdom, or 8002626; both are toll-free. Police supplied pictures of cannabis plants, so farm owners could identify them.

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