Want the best WEED? Then try Craft Cannabis!

What is craft cannabis?

If you’ve ever heard of craft beer and know what it is, you’re already on the road to understanding what, exactly, craft cannabis is.

Craft cannabis is not grown for commercial reasons and, indeed, is grown in much smaller quantities.


Because the emphasis with craft cannabis is on quality, not quantity, much the same way craft beers are brewed.

People who grow craft cannabis can best be described as perfectionists.

They tend to be people with a very clinical and analytical mindset, those who have patience in abundance.

For many craft cannabis growers, the goal is to produce the ultimate strain of cannabis, one they can make a name for themselves with.

Curiously, while today California is renowned for craft cannabis, the origins of ‘crafting’ lie in the Valencian town of Guadalest in Spain.

Locals worked with critical strains of cannabis, and through their endeavours they produced an exceptional phenotype, considered to be the first craft cannabis.

Their methods, which had remained a secret for many generations, involved avoiding the use of pesticides, harnessing nature by attracting ladybugs as pest control, and they only ever used mineral-rich water from a nearby waterfall.

They would surround their modest crops with bells on strings to warn of intruders, both human and also opportunistic mountain goats.

It was when a group of Carpathian hippies relocated to the Iberian Peninsula, and particularly the mountainous region of Castell de Castells, that ‘outsiders’ became aware of craft cannabis.

There is an upside and a downside to growing craft cannabis as well.

First, you really need to know your stuff.

You need to understand about the importance of where your get your plant stock and varying strains from.

You need to understand genetics in order to create a plant that contains all the required characteristics you are aiming for.

Growing craft cannabis can be a costly process and, consequently, the end product will price many users out of the market, so you end up with a niche product.

Craft cannabis is, as yet, unregulated and therefore illegal.

That is because craft cannabis is only grown in smaller quantities with the express purpose of being smoked.

There is no medical craft cannabis… yet…

On the upside, you will end up with a very high-quality product.

With careful harvesting, you can ensure that a greater percentage of trichomes (pronounced tri-komes) are preserved.

You don’t need a big set-up to become a craft cannabis grower?

So, if you are of a certain type, growing craft cannabis could be the perfect way forward for you.

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