Weedmaps Is Getting Stiffed By Over 500 Non-Paying Shoppers – What Does That Imply for the Marijuana Business?

Donovan Jones of IPO Edge factors out in Weedmaps’ newest public fillings that over 500 shoppers at the moment are listed as “non-paying” or delinquent. Whereas we at Hashish.internet identified the marijuana business has a really significant issue as a result of Delta-8 and 9 from hemp now get you significantly excessive, particularly in liquid kind, we have been blasted by some folks for that article.  The criticism, was that how can the marijuana business be lifeless when high line estimates for gross sales around the globe have gone from $50 billion, to $60 billion to $84 billion by one analyst group?  How can weed be lifeless already when the business isn’t even authorized in 80% of the world?

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