What are Mids Weed? Mid Grade Marijuana the affordable Choice!

what are mids weed

Modern marijuana consumers have accepted the importance of mids weed because nobody can afford to smoke dank weed, with marijuana becoming more expensive with each passing day.

In the past, marijuana buds were leafier. But unfortunately, they also had branches and stems.

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Modern trimming techniques have helped create top-shelf marijuana. But top-shelf cannabis, also called dank weed, is extremely expensive if you purchase it from your licensed dispensary.

Marijuana smokers on a budget cannot afford to buy top-shelf marijuana every day. In such scenarios, you can buy mid weed, which comes at an affordable price and has more potent effects than Reggie weed.

But what is mids weed, and how is it different from top-shelf cannabis? Let us learn more.


All About Mid-Grade Weed

Mid-grade weed has the term mid, which refers to the average quality of weed. The term does not have a clear origin. However, it has gained popularity amongst marijuana smokers.

In the cannabis world, mid weed is the type of marijuana in the middle of the potency and quality spectrum. This means that mid weed is not entirely bad weed but isn’t a high-grade product either. Check this article: Good weed vs bad weed.

The cannabis industry had significantly progressed from when brick bud was common. But such weed has a low THC level. As a result, it produces harsh smoke that is unhealthy for your throat and lungs.

Moreover, if you smoke low-grade schwag, you will not achieve a recreational high. Therefore, mid weed is better than low-grade weed.

Cannabis is considered “mid weed” when its THC content is 10 to 16 percent. In comparison, high-quality weed has a THC content of about 16 to 30 percent.

Shelf dank is the best weed you can buy. It is neatly trimmed with minimal leaves and stems. The trichomes are dense, and the buds produce the best smoking experience.

But mid-grade weed has many medicinal effects because it can give smokers the psychedelic effect they crave. Thus it is suitable for an affordable marijuana experience.

Smoking mid-weed is healthier than smoking low-quality weed because mid-quality weed isn’t harsh on your lungs. It does not produce a cloud of thick smoke and also offers the medicinal benefits you’re looking for.

But how would you tell the difference between top-shelf bud, loud weed, brown weed, mid weed, and brick weed? Let us learn more.


Other Types of Cannabis

With the popularity of cannabis, more terms are surfacing the internet every day. From good stuff such as top-shelf weed to poor-quality marijuana such as brick weed, we have come across many new terms.

But what are these terminologies, and how do they differ?

If you’re a rookie, here’s everything you need to know about the different tiers of cannabis to help differentiate between mid-grade marijuana, Reggie weed, and good weed.


Top Shelf Weed

Dank weed, also popularly called top-shelf cannabis, is the best quality weed available today. It is widely available in licensed dispensaries.

In addition, dank weed makes oils and tinctures due to its high potency. However, it is more expensive due to the higher concentration of THC and stronger psychoactive effects it produces.

It has more flavor and aroma because of the high terpene content. In addition, the cannabis flowers have resinous trichomes and are sticky, unlike Reggie weed.


Reggie Weed

Cannabis consumers also call Reggie weed schwag weed, ditch weed, or regular weed. It is low-quality cannabis.

Reggie weed is easily accessible, and it is relatively cheaper. This weed has brown and orange hairs. It is extremely dry and crumbly with low cannabinoid concentrations.

Reggie weed lacks proper trichomes. Instead, it has stems and seeds that are not present in hand-trimmed high-quality cannabis.


weed mids


What Do Weed Mids Look Like?

Here are some factors that will help you determine the difference in Mids vs. highs.



Moderately good weed has more airy flowers that are not densely packed. In contrast, high-grade weed has densely packed trichomes, while dirt weed has brown trichomes with crumbled coats.

Mid-grade weed has bright greens, but it’s not as bright as the greens of higher quality buds. Mids are also dry to touch and have a high amount of frosty trichomes because they are harvested when they are ripe.

Mid weed has a good ratio of plant matter. But it does not contain seeds. So if you squeeze weed and it snaps apart, it indicates mid-weed.

Mids feel and look like your average weed. However, when you look at the appearance, good weed will have brighter colors with vibrant hues of greens.

In contrast., mid weed has a distinct green color with undertones of brown and orange. Moreover, mids should not have mold, seeds, or discoloration. These traits represent ditch weed.

Dank weed and mid weed do not feel crumbly and dry to touch. Instead, they have high-quality buds that have a spongier feel.

If the weed isn’t dry to touch, it is not cured properly. Such weed will provide a poor smoking experience.


Mid Grade Weed Aroma and Taste

The trichome concentration in mid weed is lower as compared to dank weed. Trichomes contain cannabinoids and terpenes. Therefore, they are responsible for the aroma and taste of your buds.

Weed mids have a pleasant aroma and a better taste. They are devoid of stale and moldy notes. However, the smell is less intense than dank weed. Thus, the aroma of your weed is one of the factors that help determine the difference in weed quality.

Mids do not have loud notes like an expensive weed, but they still have a pungent smell due to the high terpene content. Therefore a smell test will have you determine what type of cannabis you’re smoking.


THC Levels

Mid-grade weed has a range of THC content. Sometimes mid weed has a higher content which produces more potent effects.

However, illegal cannabis has less THC content because it is grown and cultivated underground. Such cannabis does not go through a proper curing process. Some THC strains, such as Sativa, have a long flowering period.

Cultivators harvest these strains earlier to maximize yield, resulting in poor-quality weeds. In contrast, high-quality weed is grown with care and attention.

The cultivators choose the seeds and try to maximize the THC content in their harvest to improve marijuana quality. It is why dank weed has stronger psychoactive effects than mid-grade weed.



All types of cannabis can produce the high associated with smoking marijuana, but the experience varies due to the THC levels and the quality of your plants.

Loud weed produces more potent effects that last longer because they are more intense. You also have to take fewer puffs to get high. In contrast, mid-grade weed produces mild effects that fade quickly.



After the legalization of cannabis in most parts of the world, the cannabis community can get marijuana buds from their local dispensary. But with legalization come new cultivating technologies that produce expensive cannabis.

Top shelf strains are unaffordable for many cannabis users. Not everyone can buy $100 weed every day. And if you develop a cannabis tolerance, mid-grade weed may not be sufficient for you because you will have to smoke more products to get the desired results.

However, mid-grade weed is more affordable, and you can purchase it in a higher quantity. If you have a high tolerance level, smoking mid weed is still more affordable than buying top-shelf weed daily.

When you purchase mids marijuana, look into the THC content. Many dispensaries let the users sniff the product before they make a purchase. Therefore, it’s best to have a smell test to get an idea about the terpene content.

If the strain has an intense aroma and comes at an affordable price, it’s best to buy mid-grade cannabis.


mid weed


How to Tell if Your Weed Is Mids

Unlike weed Reggie, mid weed has more frosty trichomes. These are like glittery crystals present on the marijuana. Trichomes protect the cannabis plant from harm.

Moreover, it has medicinal properties. Mid weeds have plenty of airy trichomes that enhance the aroma. Therefore, you can sniff the weed to determine whether it is a low-grade or high-quality product.

As mentioned earlier, mids have more vibrant colors than low-grade weed. They have less dense flowers than top-shelf weeds. Their trichome density is between Reggie weed and top-shelf cannabis.

You can also tell if your weed is a mid-grade by thoroughly checking the product’s appearance, effect, and taste. The mid-grade marijuana you find at a dispensary can produce a potent intoxicating effect that distinguishes it from low-grade cannabis.

Moreover, licensed dispensaries do not keep products that do not meet lab standards. Such products include dirt weed. Therefore, if you buy your cannabis from a dispensary and it produces average intoxicating effects, it is a mid-grade product.


Wrapping Up with Mids Weed

If you’re looking to smoke affordable marijuana, mid-grade marijuana is an excellent choice. It has sufficient THC levels and produces desirable effects. Even if you have developed a marijuana tolerance, smoking twice the amount of mid-grade cannabis will help you get the desired result.

Moreover, mid-grade weed is an excellent way for new cannabis smokers to experiment with new THC strains without suffering from dry mouth and a sore throat. This type of weed helps you get high on a budget. You can have the medicinal benefits at an affordable price.

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