What Is Cannasutra?

What Is Cannasutra



Seasoned stoners may think I’m talking about the strain, which I will be later. What I’m actually initially going to talk about the fascinating link between cannabis and sex that is improving love lives all over the world. Specifically some rather brave and committed people have been combining cannabis and the famous sexual practice of Kama Sutra. Cannabis has always gone well with sex, especially certain strains that were designed specifically to do so. However, when we look at the practice of Kama Sutra we can see a few new uses for weed that can help with what may initially be a relatively difficult, if extremely rewarding, sexual practice. First, let’s get an understanding of what the original Kama Sutra is. 


What Is Kama Sutra?


When people talk about Kama Sutra they refer to an ancient Indian text on sex and sexuality that has changed the face of doing it completely for who knows how long. However, it isn’t just about sex in the carnal sense but eroticism, connecting with your partner, and becoming emotionally fulfilled. The text itself discusses a wide range of aspects that affect relationships and emotional fulfillment but today we are going to focus more on the practical sexual aspects of Kama Sutra which can be achieved more easily with the help of cannabis. One thing I do love about the Kama Sutra is that it also discusses same sex relationships between both two men and two women. It seemed appropriate seeing as we are currently celebrating pride month. These practices aren’t quite the same as general Western sexual practices, especially amongst straight couples. There is a lot less in out how was that for you I’m asleep now. This practice isn’t about the finish line, it’s about running the race. There is so much more I could write about the Kama Sutra but this is a weed blog so let’s move on. 


Weed and Sex


Let’s talk about cannabis and sex as it exists generally. Many people like to have sex while high because it alters their perception of reality as well as sensitivity, how things feel to the touch, it can even alter the nature of orgasms. It can actually improve all aspects of sex whether it’s with one partner, a few partners, just yourself, however you prefer to get down. Weed has been used in sex for an extremely long time and there are actually a few festivals that combine weed and sex in order to honour certain gods and godesses. Now for some of the population I have fantastic news. Smoking a joint before having fun can be especially great for people with vaginas. Often we can struggle to get turned on when engaging in sexy time with anyone but ourselves. Smoking weed can not only increase sensitivity but can stimulate what I call emotional horniness. This is a generalisation but studies have found that vagina owners require a little more effort to get excited than the other lot. Sometimes even if we think we are excited we can struggle to show it physically downstairs, cannabis can actually assist with whatever mental or physical block is stopping you from self lubricating. I regret writing this article purely for the sexual language I need to use to avoid being crude or lewd. Let’s move on to the Cannasutra. 


What Is Cannasutra? 


Other than being the popular cannabis strain that I will bring up later it’s…well it’s what I said it was earlier. Sure the idea sounds simple enough just cracking into the Kama Sutra while stoned, but if you want to do things right it’s really not that simple. As I said before Kama Sutra changes the way that we might normally do sex. Yes I know ‘do sex’ scans weird but I couldn’t think how else to word it. Tantric sexual positions are meant to be held for long periods of time with small amounts of movement. The idea is to slowly build a connection and general sense of euphoria between the partners. Many of the positions used involve slow rocking or holding very still to create and then build a tingling intense erotic sensation rather than just banging away. 

Famously some cannabis strains can get you into a sense of euphoria without you being touched at all. So perhaps if you are just getting started with tantric sex cannabis could help you reach intense sensation sooner which might make holding positions a little easier. It can be a good idea to take edibles before getting started and go extremely slowly with your foreplay, increasing sensation even before getting into anything tantric. By the time the edibles kick in you can be moving into positions and by the time you reach climax your head might literally explode. Let’s have a look at a few positions you can try. 


The Tigress


This position is pretty similar to the classic reverse cowgirl so it’s not too hard a starting spot. Whoever has the…insertable…item…lies on their back and the other mounts facing their partners feet. Then instead of going for it like you normally might the rider, as it were, rocks back and forth extremely slowly. The idea is to just keep rocking gently altering depth and pace. 




This one has a silly name, obviously in the Kama Sutra the names are in sanskrit. However, this is an amazing position to do if you’re high because you can just stare at each other and get super into it. Whoever is receiving lies on their back and raises their right leg. The other partner can then slide in between the legs at a 90 degree angle. You can change the bend in your left leg to alter depth of penetration and if you want to flip it over you can by just lying on your tummy. 


The Strain


If you want to try this stuff out maybe have a go with the actual Cannasutra strain. This awesome plant enhances stimulation while being lucid and uplifting so you can really see and feel everything that’s going on while your brain soars into ecstasy. You’re welcome! 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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