What Is Reggie Weed and Why you Should Avoid it?

reggie weed meaning

If you get cannabis from the black market, the chances are that you’ve been smoking Reggie weed every day without even knowing what it is.

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People who smoke weed daily must have come across Reggie weed as it is predominant in many spaces. If you’re looking for Reggie weed meaning and how it differs from the top-shelf cannabis, here’s everything you need to know.


What Is Reggie Weed?

Have you heard about brick weed, regs, ditch weed, schwag, dirt weed, or Reggie weed? These terms refer to crumbly, dry, harsh-smelling, low-quality weed you won’t find in your licensed dispensary.

Reggie weed is unappealing, a low-quality weed that produces harsh smoke. It smells bad and has a burnt after taste.

Reggie weed isn’t a concern if you live in states where cannabis is legal. But if you’re living in a regional backwater without licensed dispensaries, you may come across low-quality weed, that is weed Reggie.

If you’re worried about paying hefty amounts for a low-quality product, here’s how you can tell the difference between top-shelf cannabis and a low-quality weed.

  • Reggie weed has an unappealing color
  • Unappetizing aroma
  • Low potency
  • Low THC and terpene content
  • Loose nugs
  • Dry, crumbly, and brittle


Since Reggie weed also goes by the name of regular weed, it isn’t something cannabis smokers avoid.

But since cannabis became legal in most parts of the world, the recreational and medicinal cannabis industry has set some standards. The official standards for quality impact the user’s expectations.

Unfortunately, Reggie weed does not meet a user’s expectations of cannabis as it significantly differs from high-quality, top-shelf cannabis or dank cannabis.


History of Reggie Weed

Cannabis users considered Reggie weed average until cannabis became legal and the standards improved.

With the legalization of cannabis, the demand for the product increased, and cultivators started to spend more time and money on their harvest to produce better cannabis strains.

Now, cannabis enthusiasts prefer to use better strains that are less harsh on the throat and the lungs.

Moreover, good technology, strict testing, and standardized growing operations resulted in better products.

Let us have a look into the history of Reggie weed to better understand the Reggie weed definition.

Reggie weed was originally termed brick weed. It was a low-quality weed that was vacuum-sealed into marijuana bricks.

Cannabis cultivators made bricks of cannabis to ship them across the border. So it was primarily packaged as a brick for discreet shipping.

But bad weed is lightweight, crumbly, and super dry because the packaging does not preserve the product.


what is reggie weed


Is Reggie Weed Indica or Sativa

The cannabis community considers Reggie weed a low-grade C strain. Some people consider it a B+ mid-grade weed with a Sativa dominant heritage.

Mostly Reggie weed is a hybrid, and the ratio of Indica to Sativa depends on where the cannabis comes from.


Is Reggie’s Weed Bad?

Reggie weed is an extremely low-quality weed that comes from poor growing practices. Reggie weed is exclusively grown outdoors.

However, plenty of cannabis strains are grown outside, but they do not produce a harsh smoke or bad smell.

But outdoor-grown cannabis that does not taste bad is grown with attention and care.

Cultivators ensure they can maximize the cannabis plant’s potential and produce good weed.

But Reggie weed results from a newbie cultivator throwing many seeds into the ground and producing an unsatisfactory batch of buds. So besides poor growing practices, Reggie weed is bad because it has poor effects.

If you use cannabis for medical purposes, Reggie weed is not something you’d like. It does not provide any medicinal benefits to the user. Due to this, Reggie is also called dirt weed that stoners avoid at all costs.

People only use Reggie weed as their last resort because it’s extremely dry and full of stems and seeds. It is also harsher on the lungs than other types of weeds.


Does Reggie Weed Smell Bad?

Reggie weed does not have a strong smell. However, when someone opens a packet of cannabis, the aroma usually fills the room.

But Reggie weed has a very vague smell. If you smoke weed, you’d have an idea about high-quality weed and its iconic smell.

Smoking Reggie weed does not produce the same smell. Instead, it smells like a pile of raked leaves.


What Does Reggie Weed Taste Like?

If you’re used to smoking cheaper products, you won’t be able to tell the difference. However, if you smoke high-grade cannabis, you can easily tell the difference in the taste.

So if you’re wondering if Reggie weed tastes like your high-grade products, you’re far from wrong.

Reggie weed is poor-quality cannabis that has a burnt aftertaste. Smoking Reggie weed does not produce a distinctive cannabis flavor. You won’t even notice any strong notes from your favorite cannabis strains.

Reggie weed also tastes like the cannabis stashed up in your drawer for months. If you consume old cannabis, it has low potency and irritates your throat and lungs.

Similarly, Reggie weed tastes bad and has a musty flavor. It may even taste like you smoked mildew!

The bad taste is due to poor storage practices. As a result, bad weed loses its potential flavors and potency. When you roll up a joint of brick weed, it doesn’t feel like you’re smoking a plant since you’re only able to taste the smoke with no specific flavor or characteristics.

In contrast, good-quality cannabis has a bright color and produces a pleasant smell. Every strain has variations, but good marijuana has a characteristic green layer. On the other hand, Reggie weed has more yellow and brown tones with no exciting taste.


What Are the Effects of Reggie Weed?

Cannabis enthusiasts who smoke high-quality weed won’t feel any effects if they try Reggie weed.

Most cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the high associated with smoking cannabis degrade and evaporate from Reggie weed.

Reggie weed is not grown under standardized conditions. As a result, it has low potency and low THC levels. Its moisture levels also decrease. Thus, it’s not potent enough to produce the same effects as a high-grade product.

However, beginners may experience some effects due to the minimal amounts of THC. But it only produces a mild effect. The effects also fade faster, and you must smoke triple the product you’d usually use to produce strong effects.


How Is Reggie Different From Top Shelf Dank Weed?

Reggie weed and dank weed have massive differences. First, they look tremendously different because Reggie is messy. It has stems and leaves.

Reggie also has a darker appearance as it looks like it is decaying. In contrast, top-shelf cannabis has a brighter appearance as it is marked with hues of vibrant colors. Also, dank weed has a stronger aroma due to its high terpene content.

On the other hand, Reggie weed has a dirt-like smell. Moreover, the smoking experience varies greatly.

When you smoke Reggie weed, it creates thicker and harsher smoke than dank weed. But dank weed has a higher THC content. Therefore it is more potent.

If you’re spending money to smoke a high-grade product, you must only purchase mid-tier or top-shelf weed from a licensed dispensary.


weed reggie


Why Shouldn’t You Smoke Reggie Weed?

You should avoid purchasing Reggie weed because it has some nasty substances. This low-grade product is widely available in the black market because the market has many untested products.

Moreover, the black market sells products that do not meet lab standards. For example, they have a low THC level. In addition, some of the strains are grown with pesticides and harsh chemicals.

Smoking low-quality weed with toxins can damage the sensitive lung tissues, causing various infections and health problems. Therefore you should avoid smoking Reggie weed at all costs.


Mid-Grade Weed | A Better Alternative to Reggie Weed

Mid-grade weed is a better alternative to Reggie weed. It does not have negative connotations because people grow mid-grade weed in a better growing environment.

Unlike Reggie, mid-grade weed isn’t harsh on the lungs and creates stronger effects.

Good weed is leafier and has hues of bright green. However, you can also notice some darker greens.

Overall, the color is more vibrant than Reggie’s weed. Poor quality cannabis is cheaper, but it’s not worth it because of the poor effects.

Moreover, Reggie weed has a very poor terpene profile, which does not provide any medicinal benefits. Therefore, if you’re looking for good weed, you must avoid Reggie.


Closing with Bad Weed

Brick weed does not contain anything that makes cannabis worth it. It does not provide medical benefits, potency, or the high associated with smoking marijuana.

The only thing that makes it fit the marijuana profile is that it comes from the cannabis plants. Therefore, you should support your local cannabis industry, shop from licensed dispensaries, and get your favorite strains.

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