Why Do People Use Cannabis? – Over 90% of Adult Users Say for Health and Wellness Reasons, Not Just to Get High

A new study carried out by Harris Poll in conjunction with Curaleaf Holdings Inc, which is a prominent International manufacturer of consumer cannabis products, discovers that 91% of adults 21 years and above who have ever indulged in marijuana have done it for wellness and health reasons. The results give significant takeaways reflecting the attitude of individuals towards both the preference of holistic wellness and health and cannabis, as 75% of Americans claim that they would rather go for holistic solutions over pharmaceuticals to deal with medical problems when possible, with 62% of people stating that they would rather use marijuana as opposed to pharmaceuticals when dealing with medical problems.

Source: https://cannabisworld.biz/2022/06/23/why-do-people-use-cannabis-over-90-of-adult-users-say-for-health-and-wellness-reasons-not-just-to-get-high/

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