Best 5Γ—5 Grow Tent Setup [Reviewed]

best 5x5 grow tent setup

Growing and nurturing your plants becomes challenging when you do not use proper equipment.

To protect your cannabis plants from moisture, temperature, and environmental changes, you need the best 5 x 5 grow tent, as this setup provides a high environmental control for improved plant growth. Tents are vital as they offer the flexibility to efficiently grow your indoor plants even if you lack soil space.

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But you must purchase the high-quality 5 x 5 grow tent with a range of features. Here is a detailed buyer’s guide with extensive reviews of each product.


What Would Be the Best 5×5 Grow Tent Setup

You can use various types of grow tents for indoor and outdoor growing. This is why grow tents have become popular amongst cannabis growers. But numerous brands have made quality grow tents and gardening equipment that lets you control environmental factors.

But you must have the best grow lights and a ventilation system to help flourish your plants. An excellent 5 x 5 grow tent setup consists of efficient accessories.

The ventilation system contains foul odors within the grow tent. It protects your house from the nasty smell of cannabis plants.

Moreover, grow lights are an excellent substitute for natural sunlight. These stimulate photosynthesis in the plants as they provide an ideal color spectrum.

Furthermore, cannabis plants in a hydroponic environment can absorb carbon dioxide. Therefore, you need an efficient tent with a good ventilation system to provide plants with fresh air.

This setup is perfect for a 5 x 5 grow tent as it promotes enhanced photosynthesis and plant growth.


Indoor Growing 5×5 Tent Reviews

If you want to buy the best 5 x 5 grow tent with a ventilation system and grow light, here is a detailed buyer’s guide with extensive reviews about their ventilation, durability, plant capacity, and reflective properties.


Vivosun Standard 5×5 Grow Tent

VIVOSUN Standard 5x5 Grow Tent

VIVOSUN Standard 5×5 Grow Tent offers an ideal 60 x 60 x 80 inches indoor growing space. This tent is a clever solution for all your growing problems. It is a highly tear-proof grow tent with 100%-reflective mylar interior walls that efficiently disperse the light, boosting your plant’s photosynthetic rate.

Vivosun standard 5 x 5 grow tent is compact. Therefore, you can place it anywhere in your home.

In addition, it features 600D oxford canvas lined with a PE layer and heavy-duty zippers that prevent light leaks. Thus, the grow tent effectively keeps the light from leaking and boosts the overall efficiency output of your growing setup.

In addition, you won’t require additional flaps to create a leak-proof plant environment.

The Vivosun mylar hydroponic grow tent offers you an adjustable growing environment as you can change the growing conditions.

For example, you can adjust the light, humidity, soil, and temperature levels. The tent also features an observation window to regularly check your plant’s growth status. The observation window is made from transparent plastic.

Moreover, the Vivosun tent has air vents for efficient heat dissipation. It also has openings for lamps, electrical cords, and duct fans. It also has an inner tools organizer and a removable floor tray for easy cleaning.

You can use the user manual to assemble your tent within ten minutes. In addition, the tent has corner connectors to uphold the sturdy frame. Therefore, Vivosun’s mylar reflective grow tent is packed with sufficient features ideal for hydroponic gardening.


  • Features 600D oxford canvas
  • Offers 60 x 60 x 80 inches of growing space
  • 100% reflective mylar hydroponic grow tent
  • Comes with the assembling accessories
  • Metal frames for a sturdy construction
  • Features heavy-duty zippers


  • Easy assembling
  • Highly durable
  • Tear-proof fabric
  • No light leaks
  • 100% reflective mylar interior
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes with a user manual


  • Poor quality observation windows



Gorilla Grow Tent 5×5

Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5

Gorilla Grow Tent 5 x 5 is an ideal grow tent for experts and beginners as it provides an appropriate growing environment for hydroponic gardening.

In addition, it is a compact yet highly functional grow tent that easily fits into small spaces. Therefore, it’s perfect for cannabis growers who lack indoor growing space.

The Gorilla grow tent is an affordable tent with large observation windows that let you monitor the growth status of your plants. Moreover, it is perfectly sealed and causes no light or air leaks. In addition, the Gorilla grow tent features 1680D highly durable fabric.

It has diamond reflective walls with diamond reflection technology that redistributes light photons, giving your plants more lights to thrive better.

The all-steel construction makes the Gorilla grow tent extremely durable. It also comes with a height extension kit so you can adjust the tent’s height accordingly. Moreover, the doorway offers 360-degree access. This large layout is easy for maneuvering the growing environment however you want.

If you lack sufficient growing space, you can use the compact 5 x 5 Gorilla grow tent to grow about six plants. Also, this grow tent is quite affordable as compared to its competitors.


  • Compact growing space
  • 360-degree door access
  • Tear-proof thick 1680D fabric
  • Large viewing window
  • All-steel construction
  • Diamond reflecting technology


  • Ideal for limited space
  • Light tight built
  • Easy access door
  • Sturdy frame
  • Budget-friendly


  • Poor customer service
  • Not suitable for growing more than six plants



Spider Farmer 5 X 5 Grow Tent

Spider Farmer 5x5 Indoor Grow Tent

The Spider Farmer 5 x5 indoor grow tent is perfect for enhanced light and temperature control to provide your plants with an ideal growing environment.

This energy-efficient grow tent features a 1680D thick oxford canvas with diamond reflective mylar walls that prevent light leaks.

The reflective walls disperse light to provide the plants with adequate light for increased photosynthetic rate.

Moreover, this indoor grow tent has steel frames that make the tent more durable. This hardened-steel metal frame also makes the Spider Farmer grow tent three times denser and thicker than its competitors.

The Spider Farmer grow tent has a weight capacity of 140 pounds. Besides this, the ventilation system lets you keep any fans as it is perfect for any fan size.

You can install the tent without any tools as you can easily connect the metal frame with the corner adapter. It also comes with filter straps and a removable floor tray. Therefore you can quickly assemble it, and you’re done!


  • You can attach any type of ventilation fan
  • Easy assembling of grow tent
  • Has a load capacity of 140 lbs
  • Stable metal corner adapters
  • High-quality 1680D oxford canvas prevents light leaks
  • 100% diamond reflective mylar walls


  • Durable indoor grow tent
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent reflectiveness
  • Sufficient grow space
  • Practical design


  • Poor quality zippers
  • Not ideal for large grow lights



Best Grow Lights for 5 X 5 Grow Tents

The best indoor grow tents come with many extra features. These include removable trays, removable flooring, etc. While these additional features are not required, they help boost plant growth.

For example, the removable flooring allows you to clean the grow tent easily. Other features, including observation windows, help with viewing.

Similarly, grow lights help distribute adequate light to the plants for efficient growth. But you cant buy every grow light as some of them may cause a leaf burn if you’re using a 5×5 grow tent.

Here are some of the best grow lights for a 5 x 5 grow tent.


Spider Farmer SF4000 450W Led Grow Lights With Dimmer Knob

Spider Farmer SF4000 450W LED

The Spider Farmer Grow Light has a lower running cost and high efficiency. These lights utilize high-yielding LEDs technology for better light penetration. The SF4000 consumes 450W, which makes it highly energy efficient.

They have a customized dimming design as they come with a dimming knob and a light switch. You can adjust the light intensity, preventing leaf burn in your plants.

These LED grow lights are ideal for all growth stages because they offer full-spectrum, white, red, blue, and IR wavelengths. For example, the 3000K diodes are suitable for providing a red light, while the 5000K provides the plants with a blue light. These are useful during the plant blooming stage.

Moreover, these are waterproof. This makes them highly durable as the lights last longer, saving your equipment money.


  • Uses IR diodes
  • Excellent light dispersion
  • Consumes less energy
  • Uses color spectrum
  • Cost-efficient


  • You will require extra ventilation.



Vivosun VS4000 Led Grow Light With Samsung LM301 Diodes

VIVOSUN VS4000 LED Grow Light

The Vivos VS4000 are highly efficient as they have the latest LED plant light technology. They have a high output, but they only consume 400W of electricity, making them more energy-efficient than traditional HID lamps.

The lights have a dimming knob, making them adaptable to different growing stages. You can also adjust the light output from 40 to 100%. The VS4000 offers full-spectrum LED and delivers optimal light coverage for maximum plant growth.

The lights have a unique appearance with an advanced power supply and ventilation. You won’t require fans as the ambient heat is extremely low. Therefore, you’d have less noise production.

In addition, the low ambient heat does not damage your plants or cause leaf burn. These lights are ideal for beginners.


  • Dimmable lights
  • Energy efficient
  • Advanced spectral range
  • Affordable


  • Less durable
  • It may not come with rope hangers



Mars Hydro TS 3000 450W Led Grow Light

MARS HYDRO TS 3000 450W LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro TS 3000 is a grow light for compact tents as it consumes low energy but produces a higher output. These grow lights are a perfect solution to all your light needs as the upgraded white reflector design is patented. In addition, it has a 120-degree refraction angle, letting the light cover a wide range.

Mars hydro TS3000 consumes 250 Watts of electricity. Smaller tents have less plant capacity. If you use large grow lights, they can cause leaf burn.

Mars Hydro TS3000 works as a perfect lighting solution for compact tents. Moreover, these are the best grow lights because of their remarkable full spectrum plant preferred spectra.


  • Newest SMD LED technology
  • Higher intensity and more light coverage
  • Cost-efficient
  • Uses color spectrum
  • Consumes less energy


  • It May require extra ventilation



Best All-In-One Ventilation Tent Kit for 5 X 5 Grow Tents

Your plants need sufficient air supply and efficient ventilation. Therefore, your grow tent should have an advanced ventilation system with an exhaust and multiple fans. Here are the best ventilation kits for 5 x 5 indoor grow tents.


iPower Inline Filter With Fan Kit

iPower 6 Inch 294 CFM Inline Filter

The iPower 6-inch CFM Duct Inline Fan Blower has composite fan blades that reduce noise and vibration.

In addition, it features a charcoal filter that absorbs all the available carbon. This ventilation system has a variable fan speed as it comes with a fan speed controller. It has three fan speeds: medium, high, and low.

It also has a humidity monitor that lets you adjust the humidity levels. The temperature monitor also measures the temperature, allowing you to adjust the growing environment accordingly.

Since this is a multi-functional ventilation kit, it removes heat and eliminates the foul odor.


  • Strong airflow
  • World Class carbon filter
  • The durable construction of materials
  • Humidity and temperature monitor


  • The fan may overheat.



AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Duct Fan kit


AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Duct Fan comes with a temperature and humidity controller. It is designed to ventilate a compact hydroponic growth by efficiently transferring heat.

The dynamic humidity and temperature programming help with plants’ growth cycle. You can connect this ventilation system to the Bluetooth app for better programming. It lets you set alarms and notifications. You can also view climate data.

Moreover, this fan system features a PWM-controlled EC motor for reduced noise, making it ideal for compact grow tents.


  • Can ventilate a compact hydroponic growth environment
  • Has temperature pro



Complete 5 x 5 Grow Tent Kits

The best weed growing kits have additional features such as removable flooring, trays, and bags. These allow easy cleaning and also protect your plants from external environmental factors.

In addition, the best grow kits feature an efficient ventilation system and lights. Here are the best complete grow packages for 5 x 5 indoor tents for hydroponic gardening.


Vivosun 5 X 5 Basic Grow Tent Kit

VIVOSUN 5x5 ft Basic Grow Kit

An unstable outdoor growing environment is detrimental to your plants’ growth. With VIVOSUN 5 x 5 grow kit, you can adjust the growing conditions of your plants as it allows you to have total control over light, humidity, temperature, airflow, and soil conditions.

Such complete grow packages let you have total control over the growing conditions. Moreover, you can keep your plants safe from pests. This kit comes with Vivosun VS4000 LED grow light that delivers optimal spectral coverage of red and blue wavelengths.

These promote flowering in the plants. Moreover, the kit has an efficient ventilation system as it comes with a heavy-hitting blower. It has a 2450 RPM and produces 440 CFM airflow.

The tent has various openings that let you set your duct, lighting, fans, electrical cables, and accessories. In addition, the tool organizer comes in handy for storing gardening equipment.

The tent also has a removable floor tray for easy maintenance. Therefore, the Vivosun 5 x 5 grow kit is an all-in-one solution to all your growing needs.


  • Easy installation
  • Best fitting tools
  • Efficient ventilation
  • Complete environmental control
  • Heavy-duty grow lights


  • On the upper end of the price spectrum



5 X 5 Hydroponic Super Room Grow Tent Kit

5x5 Hydroponic SuperRoom Grow Tent Kit

The SuperCloset Hydroponic Super Room Grow Tent Kit comes with all the necessary equipment for growing cannabis. This grow kit is professionally designed, featuring the best equipment from the most respected brands.

It features a 5 x 5 smart grow tent with 225 cubic feet of growing space. It also comes with optional extension kits that let you increase your growing space.

You can grow up to six plants. Moreover, it features world-class grow lights with LEDs, a carbon filter, and all-steel sturdy construction with 1680D thick oxford canvas.

Besides this, the grow kit has adjustable trays for efficient cleaning. It also has six site bubble flow buckets that give you the best yield. The 20-Site Super Flow System features nap cap lids for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

These adequate features make the kit extremely durable and last for years, saving your equipment money. In addition, Super Closet grow kit has a proven track record of quality and expertise. Therefore, it is a one-stop solution for your growing needs.


  • High efficiency
  • It comes with the best grow lights
  • Durable parts
  • More space for growing plants indoors
  • Highly efficient carbon filters
  • Duct fans provide enhanced ventilation


  • Expensive
  • No instruction manual




Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.


How Many Plants Grow in a 5×5 Tent?

You can grow up to eight plants in a 5 x 5 grow tent. But ensure good airflow and lighting for the plants to stay healthy. Growing more than eight plants can significantly reduce plant growth as the air gets stagnant.


What Size Inline Fan Do I Need for a 5×5 Grow Tent?

For a 60x60x80 grow tent, you will require a 215 CFM grow inline tent fan for adequate ventilation and airflow.


What Size Carbon Filter for a 5×5 Grow Tent?

A 4-6 inch carbon filter is good enough for a 5×5 grow tent as it is a compact tent. In addition, a 6-inch carbon filter should easily remove foul odors from the air.


Wrapping Up with the Best 5×5 Grow Tent Setup

The extensive grow tent reviews provide in-depth knowledge about the blend of features every product contains.

Your grow tent should efficiently contain light and temperature. Therefore, it should have minimum light leaks and air leaks.

Moreover, it should be durable enough to hold your indoor garden. With these factors in mind, we have wrapped up the article with some of the best grow kits, grow lights and ventilation systems for better plant growth and convenient indoor gardening.


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