Best Pain Management Centers In Michigan That MMJ Patients Should Know

No matter the area or intensity of your pain, help is on your doorstep. Taking affirmative action for your pain begins with you. Thankfully, the state of Michigan is equipped with a strong selection of pain management consultants. Chronic pain – triggered and perpetuated by illness, injury, trauma, cancer, arthritis and more – can be effectively addressed through both medical marijuana and professional consultation. The two can make an incredible combination for treating chronic pain.

We’ve put together a list of exceptional Michigan pain consultants to help complement your MMJ treatment. All you’ll need to do is choose which of the best pain management doctors in Michigan you’d like to try and enquire about their services. Rest assured this list is full of only the most well-indexed, best pain management centers in Michigan, supported by veteran teams of doctors and chronic pain consultants.

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​​Michigan Pain Management Consultants

Located in Southfield, Michigan Pain Management Consultants have been in business for over 30 years. Their team consists of certified pain management physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, a psychologist, technicians and medical assistants. This Michigan pain clinic places emphasis on “combining the techniques of pain management and anesthesiology to keep you active and at your greatest potential.”

The team specializes in pain management, debilitating conditions, interventional and pharmacological pain management, rehabilitation, ketamine infusion therapy and more. Their medical directors Dennis Dobritt, Jeffrey Kimpson and John Traylor are among the best pain management doctors in Michigan. They also offer outpatient services, minimally invasive procedures and quality aftercare for all patients.

person receiving chronic pain treatment
Image by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels: Head to a Michigan pain clinic for treatment of your chronic pain.

Michigan Pain Consultants

Michigan Pain Consultants was founded by Mark Gostine, MD and Fred Davis, MD in 1984. Now they have a team of specialists who are board certified in Anesthesiology or Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation serving in centers across Big Rapids, Greenville, Holland, Heritage Pointe, Lakeshore and South.

With an uplifting tagline of “Better Treatments, Better Life”, the cornerstone values of Michigan Pain Consultants are “comprehensive”, “multi-disciplinary” and “innovative”. Their philosophy: chronic pain needs chronic treatment.

The practice homes in on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain conditions such as spine-related back and neck pain, shingles, headaches, nerve pain and more.

Pain Clinic of Michigan

The Pain Clinic of Michigan states that its mission is to “invest in our relationship with you so that you can relax and focus on bettering your quality of life.” They offer a range of proactive diagnoses and treatments including nerve block procedures, discographies, spinal cord stimulators, and joint, facet and trigger point injections, to name a few.

Their approach emphasizes comprehensive assessment to determine the right path of treatment for you. Formulation of tailored treatment plans takes place in two clinics located in Sterling Heights and Rochester Hills. Their website features a great introduction on understanding pain, and a list of bios for their portfolio of experienced Michigan pain management consultants. They also accept a variety of insurance programs should you be going private.

Michigan Pain Specialists

Michigan Pain Specialists note regular tending to common issues like arthritis, causes of joint pain like bursitis, and back and neck issues such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, and sciatica.

With locations in​​ Ypsilanti, Adrian and Ann Arbor, the practice deploys a roster of experienced board-certified physicians, also fellowship-trained in diagnosing and treating all forms of pain. They’re also proud to have developed “exceptional skills in performing minimally invasive procedures.”

Additionally, they also enunciate excellence in treating people who have complex conditions like “failed surgery syndrome, neck pain after surgery, neuralgia and neuropathies, diseases like complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and fibromyalgia, and cancer pain.”

If you’re interested in getting educated on pain, their website offers a portal of extensive learning including webinar videos, blogs and resources, and even home exercise programs.

person receiving remedial back massage
Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash: There are plenty of Michigan pain consultants locations where all varieties of chronic pain can be treated.

5. West Michigan Pain Specialists

West Michigan Pain Specialists are posted in two places: Big Rapids and Grand Rapids. They specialize in spinal cord stimulation, medication management, regenerative therapy, nerve blocks and injections, physician referrals, and many, many more services. They also introduced a telehealth consultation service last year.

If you’re situated in the west area, this Michigan pain clinic is worth considering. Their patient stories paint a glowing picture. Their site also features a list of their care team’s backgrounds, plus a small bank of educational videos.

This list should prove useful in finding the best pain management centers in Michigan. Discerning which clinic is right for you can still be a little overwhelming – the range and quality of available pain clinics in Michigan is strong. Our advice is to browse through some websites and send out a few enquiries, and soon you’ll discover which of these Michigan pain consultants feels suitable.

There might be a gap in securing the relief you need. In the meantime, medical marijuana remains an effective remedy. So if you haven’t already secured your Michigan MMJ card, you can kickstart the process on MMJRecs.

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