Top Stories This Week: The “Real Deal” for Silver, New Venture for Ex-Cannabis Boss 



We started off last week with silver, and this week we’ve got another perspective on the white metal, which has grown by leaps and bounds this year, but remains under US$30 per ounce.

I spoke with David Smith of the Morgan Report and Money Metals, who said he sees a bright future for silver, and encouraged investors to be cautious about trading in and out of the market.

In his view, once silver can close above US$30 a couple of times, it will run up quickly, possibly leaving those who aren’t invested without another opportunity to get in. Overall, he emphasized that the current situation is not like silver’s “false bull run” in 2016 — it’s the real deal.

“When this thing really gets underway and decides to challenge the high US$30s and into the US$40s, I don’t think it’s going to take any prisoners” — David Smith, the Morgan Report, Money Metals

I also spoke with Brian Leni of Junior Stock Review about how his portfolio has been doing this year. Describing the current environment as a “stock picker’s market,” he said the last six months have probably been the most profitable he’s seen in his life — he mentioned Abraplata Resource (TSXV:ABRA,OTC Pink:ABBRF) as his first 13 bagger.

Brian also discussed the dichotomy between the ideas he presents to his newsletter audience and the decisions he makes privately, saying that while he’s careful when it comes to recommendations for his followers he allows himself to be somewhat riskier when making his own personal trades.

“I’m much more conservative when it comes to my money and how I present it to my readers … on the other side of things, I do have a more speculative side to myself … and with my own money I’ll take some of those chances and do some shorter-term trades” — Brian Leni, Junior Stock Review

For our Twitter poll this week, we continued last week’s election theme. Normally a presidential election in the US is a fairly big talking point for the gold price, but this year it’s understandably been overshadowed by other factors.

With only about two months left before America goes to the polls, we asked our followers if a Donald Trump victory or a Joe Biden victory would be better for the gold price. By the time the poll closed, a narrow majority said they think a Trump victory would be more beneficial — although some commenters said they don’t think it will make a difference who wins.

We’ll be asking another question on Twitter next week, so make sure to follow us @INN_Resource or follow me @Charlotte_McL to share your thoughts!

In the cannabis space this week, INN’s Bryan Mc Govern had the opportunity to speak with Vic Neufeld, former CEO of Aphria (TSX:APHA,NASDAQ:APHA).

Vic left the major marijuana company in January 2019 citing health concerns, although his departure also came soon after a short seller report questioned Aphria’s Latin American acquisitions.

He’s now re-emerged as a director and advisor at Havn Life Sciences (CSE:HAVN), a new psychedelics company that went public this week. Explaining his interest in psychedelics, Vic cited their potential to help treat mental health issues as a key draw, and noted that research will be key moving forward.

“It’s something that we really need to have a better understanding of — the standardization, the efficacy, the safety (of psychedelics) so researchers … can take it to the next level” — Vic Neufeld, Havn Life Sciences

Vic won’t be involved with Havn’s day-to-day operations, which he said will help him better balance his work and home life. “In simple words, no more heavy lifting for me,” he explained.

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