Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Ri Sharma of Wall Street Confessions

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Ri Sharma is a talented, young entrepreneur and content creator who’s known for her popular project Wall Street Confessions. WSC features anonymous submissions from all sorts of professionals in the finance sector that detail the gritty underbelly of life on Wall Street.

To quote Ri, “We are starting productive discourse around topics which people generally fear having conversations around,” whether NDA culture, toxic work environments, gender inequality, or mental health issues. By offering an anonymous platform for workers to air their dirty laundry, WSC has made Ri the “Gossip Girl of Wall Street,” leading to nearly 150K followers on Instagram and a popular newsletter that got sponsored by Substack. More recently, she dropped a podcast version of the project, titled “Confessions of a Wall Street Drama Queen.”

Ri may put a spotlight on the inner workings of a notoriously stressful industry, but she knows how to unwind and treat herself in her personal life. This includes her penchant for pot, which she utilizes both medicinally and recreationally. Below, Ri discusses her love for pink pre-rolls, smoking before banging out some Excel spreadsheets, and blasting psych rock on her 8D headphones. You’re doing the lord’s work, Ri!

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What’s your current favorite weed strain? How do you like to consume it?

Ri Sharma: Generally, I lean towards indica-dominant strains because I like to be super chill during the day. I’m partial to pre-rolls and vapes, too.

What’s your current favorite weed product? Any particular papers, grinders, or whatever?

I love these pre-rolls called Smart Rolls—they come in this adorable pink packaging and have pink filters/roaches too. I like them mostly for the aesthetic, but the weed is great, too.


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♬ Simon is the best – Adele 🇫🇷

What activity do you like to do after you’ve smoked those pre-rolls?

I smoke all day, so if I have half a joint or something I usually get back to Excel or hash out some emails. If it’s night, I’ll go out to Paul’s Baby Grand or whatever and have a fun time. Weed is as present in my life as my [nicotine] vape is. I don’t get stoned to the point of being non-functional, but weed keeps me in a happy place and makes me feel like I’m not super wired or stressed out. One of the last times I smoked one of the aforementioned pre-rolls, I went to Angelika downtown and watched The French Dispatch. It was great.

Can you recommend something to watch while stoned?

I love vintage movies, so Casablanca, Rebel Without a Cause, or Sabrina… anything that gives off a nostalgic vibe.

Can you recommend something to listen to after smoking?

Tame Impala is my absolute favorite band of all time and I will consistently listen to them when I’m smoking, drinking, or anything… but the best experience is when I smoke *just enough* weed and I listen to the Currents album with my headphones on using 8D audio. Insane listening experience. Plus, Tame Impala doesn’t have too many lyrics to follow along with. Easy listening, but vibey. Sometimes I’ll put on an Arctic Monkeys record or something if I feel extra douchey.

Can you recommend something to read once baked?

The New Yorker lol? I don’t really read nearly as much as I should… one of my favorite books to read, sober or not sober, is Normal People by Sally Rooney. Highly recommend it. One of my favorite Saturday activities is getting stoned, picking up the latest copy of the New Yorker, going to Saint Ambroeus on Madison Avenue, and reading while I eat something semi-healthy on the menu.

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