CBD Rolling Papers

Despite smoking CBD flowers doesn’t require any sophisticated equipment, there is one thing that should be kept in mind — CBD rolling paper. As the CBD market is rapidly developing year after year, the number of rolling paper options is growing as well. In this article, we will tell you what rolling papers are, what types are available and whether they have any potential benefits.

What are hemp rolling papers?

Looking for the best rolling paper, one can find a variety of different types made of wood pulp, rice, and hemp. Generally speaking, hemp rolling papers (or CBD rolling papers) are papers made of hemp and used for rolling CBD flowers

So what is so special about them? There are two good reasons:

  • Hemp rolling papers are much thicker than other traditional options offered on the market. They are also more durable and the chances that one may rip the paper are smaller compared to using other materials.
  • Hemp rolling papers are friendly for the environment. Since such papers consist of hemp fibres, there is no dependence on tree products. Besides, hemp is known for its ability to eliminate toxins and radioactive substances from the soil and the air.

Marry Jane’s CBD rolling papers

Marry Jane is offering various kinds of high-quality rolling papers for the best CBD consuming experience. There are two types of this accessory produced under the company’s brand:

  • Black/white CBD rolling papers

B&W rolling papers by MJ can be a perfect fit for fans of the classic style. They are designed to enrich vibrant CBD sessions. Filters are included.

Rolling papers B&W     Rolling papers B&W

  • Colour CBD rolling papers

This kind of rolling paper by MJ may be the best solution for those who love bright sunny colours. The summer is coming soon, and these papers can bring warmth to your experience of taking CBD. Filters are also included. 

Rolling papers COLOUR      Rolling papers COLOUR

No matter whether you are familiar with CBD lifestyle or just starting your journey, you will probably want to look for a high-quality product approved by third-party tests and recognized with international certifications. Marry Jane is the right choice for all categories of clients. All products under the company’s brand are manufactured under the careful control of skilful specialists, meet all necessary international standards and have thousands of happy customers.

History of hemp rolling papers

Hemp has a long history of being used in the production of various goods. In fact, evidence exists that humans have been using hemp fibres for tens of thousands of years.

Since ancient times, hemp has had a number of applications. For example, it was used to create fibre, clothes, ropes, paper, plastic, and even batteries, cars and houses!

As hemp fibre’s popularity has soared over the past two decades, the creation of CBD rolling papers didn’t take long. And the rising popularity of CBD products and CBD in general throughout the world will boost the demand for high-quality rolling papers as well.

Do hemp rolling papers contain CBD?

CBD (or hemp) rolling papers — like any industrial product made from hemp — contain CBD, but only in small amount.

There are people who may think that CBD can get one high, but actually it’s not the case. According to the World Health Organization (WADA), CBD is neither psychoactive nor addictive. On the other hand, THC, a compound that is present in hemp in low percentage (0.3% or less), can have the so-called “entourage effect”. However, such an amount in the plant and in the rolling paper is not enough to cause this effect.

It’s important to remember that in some countries any level of THC and CBD is prohibited in any shape or form. In order to avoid misunderstanding and unpleasant situations, don’t forget to check global and local THC and CBD legislations, especially when travelling from one country to another.

Final thoughts

CBD rolling papers are accessories that shouldn’t be underestimated. At MJ, we see their importance and produce CBD rolling papers that are made from the finest Swiss raw materials in compliance with all legislative requirements and quality standards. In case you have any further questions, follow our blog and don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals that is always on hand to assist you.


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