Creating Feminized Seeds with Colloidal Silver: Pros and Cons

Contributor: Jennifer Gallagher

Do you want to increase the production of feminized seeds with colloidal silver in your marijuana garden?

Cultivators have used this metal-infused liquid for decades, believing it offers benefits to their crops in a variety of ways.

At the same time, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest this useful solution could lead to various health risks.

So, is it actually worth using colloidal silver for feminized seeds?

Keep reading to find out if you should use this technique to ensure the highest THC seeds from your cannabis crops.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a solution created by passing an electric current between two cathodes submerged in distilled water

As the name suggests, the liquid contains a percentage of small silver particles that break off the metal rods during production.

For many years, cannabis cultivators have created feminized seeds with colloidal silver because of its ability to inhibit ethylene production. 

By applying the metal-infused solution onto a marijuana plant, you force it to create male sacs. The only difference is that the pollen won’t contain any Y-chromosomes, promising female crops 99% of the time.

While making feminized seeds with colloidal silver is a straightforward process, ingesting it could lead to severe health issues.

Pros and Cons of Making Feminized Seeds with Colloidal Silver

It’s always easier to weigh up your options and make a decisive call when you’ve got all the facts in front of you.

To help you decide, here’s a list of pros and cons regarding the creation of feminized seeds with colloidal silver.


One of the biggest advantages of this metal-infused liquid is its proven track record of preventing the production of ethylene. Cultivators can encourage their female marijuana plants to produce pollen sacs devoid of male genetics.

Another reason many seasoned gardeners use colloidal silver for feminized seeds is that it’s the easiest method available. Simply spray your marijuana plant for 10–14 days and then spread the pollen on other crops.

There’s no need for any fancy equipment in the production of this solution, only requiring a few inexpensive items. It’s so simple to perform that many cannabis fans prefer to make their own mixture at home.

There’s evidence to suggest making feminized seeds with colloidal silver helps prevent fungal infections. Many growers even allow their marijuana seeds to sit in the solution for a few hours, reducing the risk of mold while germinating.

Spraying your weed plants with this metal-infused mixture also increases their resistance to parasites. It builds a natural shield around your crops that stops any bacteria while allowing nutrients to pass through freely.


There are a few disadvantages to creating colloidal silver feminized seeds that are worth your attention.

For starters, this liquid can have potentially harmful effects on your health when ingested. People believed consuming this liquid would lead to healthier skin for many years. After numerous reports, the FDA issued a health warning to anyone using it.

A quick search reveals a bunch of conflicting advice and methods to use colloidal silver for feminized seeds. As a result, many cannabis cultivators have had to try out various techniques until they find one that works.

There’s a lot of feedback from the marijuana community claiming over-the-counter solutions aren’t very effective. Growers are forced to make their own liquid at home, which requires more work and research.

One of the biggest disadvantages to producing colloidal silver feminized seeds is that crops won’t make buds. Remember that while this technique promises cannabis in the future, the plant you spray the liquid on won’t flower.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Overall it’s easy to see why so many cannabis cultivators like to make feminized seeds with colloidal silver. It’s one of the simplest techniques to perform at home and promises a 99% success rate.

Marijuana crops also benefit from this metal-infused solution, helping them fight off pests, bacteria, and mold.

At the same time, there are potential health risks involving the creation of feminized seeds with colloidal silver. If you decide to use this method, avoid it coming in contact with your skin as much as possible. 

You may also need to experiment with different ratios to find what works best in your cannabis garden.

Be safe and happy growing!

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