The Linx Eden Switch: How to Get Higher With Less Effort

As governments across the world loosen Covid-19 restrictions, people are resuming their lives and the way we consume cannabis has also changed.  While some continue to prefer joints, others turn their attention to cannabis vaporizers, especially the ones that they can take to sport events, parties, or hiking tours. The vaporizer users have always been interested in technology-driven products. Now they are seeking out something not only innovative but also more convenient and discreet to suit their evolved lifestyles.

Welcome to the Linx Eden Switch: Convenient, Portable and Powerful.

At only 5 inches tall, and designed to be virtually smell-proof, the Linx Eden Switch is the best portable vaporizer for discreet yet powerful vaping. From a removable dosing capsule for easy loading, vaping, and cleaning, to reusing your flower with true convection heating, this little powerhouse is packed with the latest technology in the palm of your hand.

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Linx Dosing Capsule: Loading and Cleaning Made Easy

The most innovative element of the Linx Eden Switch is its dosing capsule.  It’s a removable quartz cup that sits inside of your chamber.  Each dosing capsule can hold approximately 0.1g of flower. This little magical cup conserves your flower, delivers some of the most flavorful hits, and is insanely easy to clean.

The second you load up the quartz capsule and fire it up, you’ll experience some unreal flavor and you will be blowing large clouds effortlessly. Quartz is clean and safe to use when heated and one capsule can get you up to 8 hits.  Feel free to use the Eden Switch all day without worrying about resin building up inside the chamber or small particles falling deeper into the device. The capsule keeps the inside of the vape pen looking and tasting as good as the very first draw. 

When it comes to cleaning, all it takes is a few simple swipes of a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. This thing couldn’t require any less effort. And the fact that cleaning is needed only for the dosing capsule, not the chamber, will considerably increase the life expectancy of your device.

Definitely try out the Linx dosing capsule set (sold separately). With three quartz capsules in a smell-proof silicone case, it’s simple to pre-load and switch out between capsules. No more bulky grinders or carrying around your whole stash. Just drop your capsule in and you’re ready to go!

Courtesy of Linx Vapor

100% Convection Heating: Flavor and Potency Unrivaled

Convection heating is an advanced method that brings out the true flavor of your cannabis without burning it. It creates a vortex of hot air circulating through your cannabis, rather than heating by direct contact.

With the Linx Eden Switch, the hot air passes through the dosing capsule and ground herb inside, allowing the terpenes and cannabinoids to melt off into fresh and pure vapor. Every hit you take will be full of the good stuff that gets you high and none of the plant material that would become smoke, ash, or tar.

When you are done with a sesh, the plant is still intact and turns to a nice golden or brownish color. This process is called decarboxylation. The leftover cannabis, or Already Vaped Bud (AVB), can be used to make edibles, tea, or even eaten straight so all the cannabis you buy can get you high, twice!

Courtesy of Linx Vapor

The Eden Switch’s long list of attributes doesn’t stop there. Every Eden Switch comes with four pre-programmed temperature settings. You may further fine-tune the heat by activating the Power Boost feature, which adds up to 20F from your starting temperature without going through another cycle.

Another one of the hidden gems is Stealth Mode. The mode allows you to modify the light intensity of LED indicators. At the lowest setting, the vaporizer looks powered down from just a few feet away.

Or instantly transform this dry herb vape pen into a dual-use vaporizer. Just add wax to the Linx Lava Plates (sold separately), drop them into the dosing capsule and get ready to be wowed with the rich, tasty flavor.

Linx Vapor has also remained on the forefront of health consciousness, minimizing the use of plastics throughout their entire product line. Every Eden Switch is made from medical grade stainless steel casing, glass mouthpieces and comes with a clean air path free of toxins. Other features include a 2500mAH large capacity Sony lithium-ion battery, double filtration mouthpiece, interchangeable silicone sleeve, magnetic mouthpiece cap, USB-C charger and interchangeable mouthpieces.

There are a lot of options out there, but not all vaporizers are created equal. If you are in the market for a world class convection vaporizer, the Linx Eden Switch is portable, convenient, effective and affordable. Learn more about the Linx Eden Switch for yourself!

About Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor, a SoCal based company, is a health conscious and technology driven vaporizer brand with a mission to expand the boundaries of the market as we know them today. 

Their line of cannabis vaporizers have landed many top awards by leading industry media such as High Times, Forbes, Gizmodo, Leafly, and Herb.

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