Different Forms of Cannabis

cannabis forms

Marijuana (or cannabis, weed, pot) comes in many different forms and also has many different names. For people who don’t know much about it, it seems like they are different types of drugs. But they are really just different variations of the same psychoactive ingredients. It is just the form that changes.

The strength of the end product can vary greatly from plant to plant. It can also vary from preparation to preparation. In addition, the way you use it can also influence the intensity of the effect. How one person experiences the use of marijuana can therefore be very different from how others experience it.
Cannabis is the same as marijuana and weed and pot. There are just different names for it. In every country and every (sub)culture, cannabis is named differently. This is about the unprocessed form of cannabis. This is the most common form worldwide and it is usually smoked, with the goal of getting high.

Strains of Marijuana

Let’s look at the main types of marijuana:
Basically, there are two: Sativa and Indica. However, over the years many growers have spliced the two together and created a myriad of hybrids. These hybrids consist of the third strain.

Indica: Indica usually has more of a body high and typically makes you more relaxed. This is the weed that many people call “In Da Couch”. It usually produces shorter, wider plants. These plants can have a higher level of CBD. 


Sativa: Sativa usually has more of a cerebral, creative high. It can sometimes produce a paranoid state if you smoke too much of it. It is better for social situations where a lot of energy is needed to keep up with the party. Sativa plants usually grow taller and thinner than Indica. 


Hybrid: Hybrid plants are a mix of the Indica and Sativa Plants. Over time there have been so many strains created that it would be impossible to list all of them. (And some of them are copyrighted, so I can’t put them on this blog anyway)

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Bud: Buds are the most common way to consume cannabis worldwide. This is the flower of the plant, which has been dried and cured. It can be consumed in any number of ways. It can be smoked in a joint (rolled in cigarette paper), smoked as a bud in a pipe, smoked in a bong, or it can be processed into another form.


Hash: Hash is a cannabis product that is smoked. Hash is produced by grinding down buds and sugar leaves into Kief. Using heat and pressure, it is compressed into small bricks which are known as hash. A small piece can be broken off and smoked.


Kief: Kief is a collection of sift from the buds of marijuana plants. Kief is usually comprised of the ends of trichomes and resin. It is the most potent part of the marijuana plant, as it contains the most compounds.


CannaButter: Cannabutter is when you melt butter with ground cannabis buds and slowly heat them together to produce butter which can get you high. You then cool the butter and use it when you need it. Cannabutter works great anywhere youwould use regular butter: on toast, a pancake, making a cake, a frosting, etc. The ideas for this use are only limited by your imagination. Check out our guideto making Cannabutter.


Cannabis Oil: CannabisOil is made by slowly heating the buds (or kief or sugar leaves) of a plant in cooking oil. This can be used in a variety of ways toconsume marijuana. It can be used in baking. It can be used on itsown from a dropper. It can be used in a vape pen. Cannabis oil requires some work to make. It is very similar to cannabis butter but you substitute oil instead.


Capsules: Capsules can be made by placing cannabis oil in a consumablevitamin capsule. You can do this with either a syringe or using sealable capsules. The advantage of this is that you can carry the capsules with you and they won’t smell of smoke.


Edibles: Edibles are made by using wither oil or butter to create a food product made from marijuana. This is a great alternative for non-smokers or vapers. This allows you to also be discreet about your use of cannabis. Smoking isn’t allowed in most places these days. Eating,on the other hand, is still pretty much OK in most places.


Dabbing: Dabbing is a process of extracting the psychoactive chemicals in cannabis by using a solvent: ethanol or CO2. To consume dab is a complicatedprocess and involves the use of specialized equipment known as a dabbing ring and a dabbing nail.


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