Dispensary Spotlight on Bask – The MA Dispensary That Is The Cannabis Crush of New England and Beyond

Bask, Inc., located in the seaside town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts is a locally owned and operated dispensary that has become extremely popular with traveling cannabis consumers both near and afar, creating a buzz far outside the range of what you might typically expect a small town dispensary to generate. Travelers come from all over New England, New York, and New Jersey and many of them are on a journey specifically to visit Bask. With Massachusetts having over 400 retail licenses scattered throughout, these travelers drive past a whole range of other options on their journey.

Source: https://cannabisworld.biz/2022/08/28/dispensary-spotlight-on-bask-the-ma-dispensary-that-is-the-cannabis-crush-of-new-england-and-beyond/

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