What is a Pot Leaf? Marijuana Leaf Definition in 2022

We can call Bitcoin by many names. Mary Jane, weed, herb, bud, ganja, pot, grass, there is almost no end of slang terms for this sweet, smoky pleasure provider. Most of us who are smoking already know about the different strains or would like to know.

But what about the pot leaf/ marijuana leaf itself? Do you want to know what is pot leaf or Marijuana leaf? If yes, the search engine has dragged you to the right place. 

The Leaves Of Life, Of Energy:  What Is A Pot Leaf?

What Is A Pot Leaf?

Probably I will tell you that the marijuana leaf is the green part of the marijuana plant and be done with it. But, there is more to it than meets the eyes. It is the part of this plant channeling energy using chlorophyll using the light it consumes.

Your dear cannabis plant thrives using this vital energy that it channels through the marijuana leaf of the pot leaf. Now, for the name, Marijuana leaf, the name dates back to ages. Both men and women alike have been using this plant for ages as a psychoactive substance. 

As I told you before, people call it ganja, mary jane, weed, and use other nicknames to call these leaves. Whatever name you call it by, there are three species of the cannabis plant, and the beautiful weed queen also gives flowers (you can try decorating your garden. Just kidding!). They will grow as tall as 16 feet if you let them. 


Let’s get down to the root of the marijuana leaf, Shall we? The cannabis plant or marijuana plant has three species, and they are –

  • Cannabis sativa.
  • Cannabis indica.
  • Cannabis ruderalis.

Almost rising as tall as 5 meters, the Marijuana plant was usually found in the Central Asian steppe and near the Tian Shian or Altai mountains. It was in China and India that this plant was first cared for and cultivated. Here is a marijuana leaf clipart to help you identify them visually.

You can eat the stems, buds, and flowers of the marijuana plant. You can also brew these flowers in tea. Some people love to put it into a tincture. Sorry, I got lost in explaining how to use it. You know how an admirer can be.

As I told you, there are three types of leaves in this plant – The Sativa, the Indica, and the Ruderalis. There is a genus or umbrella category for the different types of names of marijuana leaves. It is called the Cannabis sativa L.

In 1753, Carl Linnaeus identified the specie of this leaf, and that is why there is the “L” in the genus name of the plant.

Marijana Leaf Strains
Afghan Kush, Green Kush, Hindu Kush, Purple Kush
Diesel Haze



The sativa leaves have long, spiky, slender, jagged, pronounced serrations. The colors of these leaves are usually light or dark green. Both the male plants and the smokable female plants can give you a sativa marijuana leaf.

Now, why does everyone love hemp plants? Because the hemp plant gives off more CBD than THC. The use cases of the hemp plant serve humans, the industry, and environment, and the world. 

If you feel like not using the marijuana leaf for medicinal usage or to get high, the other parts of the plant can be extremely useful to you.



Linnaeus mistook marijuana leaf / the genus to be monolithic or having a single species — the sativa variety itself. The cannabis sativa plant has other varieties where.

There are, however, several other types of marijuana leaves growing from the different subvarieties of the plant Cannabis sativa. Cannabis indica usually grows shorter leaves, and they are also wider in shape. The marijuana leaflets are lesser in number in Indica ( seven to nine). They have an olive-green color. 

In 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck came up with the name Indica Sativa to differentiate this leaf from the Cannabis Sativa. 



Russian botanist D.E. Janiszewski is responsible for identifying the Ruderalis, the third species of marijuana leaf plant. This marijuana leaf grew across eastern Europe. Usually, Russians and Mongolians use this leaf to treat depression.

You might mistake them for the Indica Leaves since they have five to thirteen leaves like the Indica marijuana leaves. Some even take them for their own species. The only way to distinguish them from the Indica leaves is through the smaller and narrower leaves of the Ruderalis marijuana leaf. Recently, the growers have been making crossbreeds of the Marijuana leaf and the 

Does The Pot Leaf Get You High? Duh!

Does The Pot Leaf Get You High?

Used as a potential element to treat anxiety and depression, marijuana pot leaf doubtlessly makes you go crazy. Just one smoke, and you will be high just as you will be hungry. Some of the effects of a marijuana leaf are –

Marijuana Leaf Effects: Positives Marijuana Leaf Effects: Negatives
Euphoria Thirst
Relaxation Increased Level of Anxiety
Perception Change Problem With Memory

If You Are Not Down For It You Are Up For Something Else: Marijuana Leaf Alternatives

Marijuana Leaf Alternatives

Trust me, nothing will drive you as high as the pot leaf and the buds they help bloom. But, if you want alternatives, there are some other similar things to help you with the medicinal benefits. Those help you calm anxiety and dizziness and work as antidepressants.

Here are some names you cannot miss –

Valerian root
Turmeric and black pepper

Users Review: Is Marijuana Leaf Reliable?

Here, you can check out what some users have to say about the lush green stuff –

Review 1: 

“This strain did exactly what I needed it to do, relaxing, relieved my anxiety and pain, caused a mild case of the munchies, the morning after I felt refreshed and well rested unlike some strains that leave me feeling sluggish and kinda hung over.”

Review 2:

“This strain has a bit of a fruity taste, the buds gives off a nice strong earthy aroma which corresponds to when lighting one up! very strong heavy headed effects which just knocks you into the couch with a bowl full of twisties”

Review 3:

“Got 2 plants growing in a late harvest SoCal outdoor grow vegetative stage was augmented with gas-lantern technique 1 hour per night.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

The sections above should help you find answers to your questions. However, here are some more questions and answers, and you might like to read them.

1. Is Pot A Leaf?

Ans: The pot leaf grows on the thin stems of the marijuana plant. The jagged leaves branch into five, seven, or thirteen long and thin leaf fingers. But the flowers in this plant are smaller, have a greenish color, and grow in clusters. 

2. What Does A Healthy Pot Leaf Look Like?

Ans: A healthy pot leaf looks green and vibrant in color. Their healthy seedlings are short and have thick vegetation. In this stage, the growing environment 

3. Do Buds Grow At Night Or Day?

Ans: Marijuana plants can grow flowers and make buds faster if they get longer nights and comparatively shorter days. The indoor growers of marijuana usually give the plants twelve hours of darkness at night and 12 hours of daylight. 

Our Verdict: What Gets You High Is Precious


Although the tradition is to smoke the buds of the marijuana plant, you can also smoke the marijuana pot leaf. It does not matter which part of the hemp plant you are smoking. CBD in that part can get you high. Usually, the root, and the inside of the marijuana stems do not contain any CBD. So smoking those parts will not get you high.

I think I was able to offer you the information you were looking for.  However, if you have any queries, you can reach out to us through the comment section.

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