Does CBD oil expire?

When searching for the perfect CBD product as a CBD newbie, you may have found yourself wondering, “Does CBD oil expire?” Unfortunately, a quick Google search won’t be much use as there is conflicting information online. Fortunately, we at The Extract always do our research so that we can ensure we know what we are talking about and give you the most accurate, up-to-date information. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD oil’s shelf life and how to extend it.

The big question – Does CBD oil expire?

The answer is yes, CBD oil has a shelf life and does expire depending on a number of factors besides its expiration date. These include:

  • Extraction technique: The extraction method affects how long a CBD oil lasts and the number of cannabinoids it extracts. An extraction process known as supercritical C02 extraction helps preserve the purity of CBD oil. As you know, the purer a CBD oil, the higher the quality and the longer it lasts.
  • Ingredients: All the ingredients present in CBD oil have their own shelf life, and some expire before others. However, many of the best CBD brands use ethanol in their production process to eliminate harmful toxins without removing natural cannabinoids, which allow CBD to last longer.
  • Packaging: CBD oil lasts longer in glass containers that are dark and airtight. This shields the oil from sunlight and air that may degrade it.
  • Quality: It should come as no surprise that the higher the quality of a product, the longer it lasts. Besides having a lower shelf life than premium CBD oil, low-quality CBD products may also contain harmful ingredients such as butane and other toxins. Best to go for premium quality to stay on the safe side.
  • Storage: When not stored properly, the chances of your CBD oil being exposed to elements and degrading are high.

However, there are ways you can keep yours fresher for longer.

How long is CBD oil supposed to last?

If you look after your CBD oil, you can expect it to last between 1-2 years. It is crucial to remember that the quality of the product can affect the shelf life of CBD oil. If you want a CBD product that will last you longer, we recommend purchasing a higher-quality CBD oil because a lower-quality one is likely to expire more quickly.

Does CBD oil expire

How to make CBD oil last longer

As can be seen above, there are various factors that affect how long CBD oil lasts. When buying CBD oil, keep these variables in mind to ensure your product lasts longer and you will no longer be asking the question “Does CBD Oil Expire?”

Here are ways you can ensure your CBD oil lasts longer:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: If you store your CBD oil in an area that is freezing or hot, the CBD will degrade. Do not store CBD oil in the fridge or near a stove or oven. Always store it at room temperature.
  • Buy from a reputable brand: CBD oil from trustworthy brands is formulated with quality ingredients that will make it more potent and last longer.
  • Remember to close the bottle properly each time: It is vital to ensure that you tightly seal the container of CBD oil by replacing the cap or lid after each use. If exposed to excess air and moisture, CBD will deteriorate.
  • Avoid product contamination: If you add CBD oil to your food or drink, make sure you do so without having the dropper touch anything. Coming into contact with another product can ruin the consistency and efficacy of the CBD oil once you replace the dropper in the bottle.
  • Keep out of the sun: exposure to light causes cannabinoids to degrade quickly. To avoid this and have your product last longer, keep it out of the sun and never store it on a windowsill.
  • Keep in its original container: Premium CBD products come in specialised packaging created to protect the integrity of the oil. Removing it from the container and placing it in another will increase the chances of oxidisation.

What happens if you take expired CBD?

You may wonder what effect expired CBD oil can have on your body and whether you can get sick from it. Fortunately, expired CBD oil is probably not harmful to you. The worst-case scenario is that your CBD oil won’t be as effective as it was before its expiration date.

Basically, it will not do anything – it won’t make you sick and will no longer have any effects.

How can you tell if CBD oil has expired?

The most obvious way to know whether your CBD oil has expired is by checking the expiration/use by date on the label. An expiration date indicates that the manufacturer does not advise using the product after this particular date. The use by or best by date, on the other hand, is provided to show that the manufacturer cannot guarantee the efficacy of the CBD oil after that date. A CBD oil may still be used after the use-by or best-by date until it starts showing signs that it is degrading, but it may not work as well as it once did. Instead, reach for a new bottle of CBD oil to ensure you get all the benefits.

Besides reading the expiration date, there are other ways to discover whether your CBD oil has expired, such as by using your senses:

  • Appearance: If your CBD oil is thick and cloudy, it has probably expired.
  • Scent: CBD naturally has a slightly earthy scent. However, it is most likely off if it has a nasty, pungent smell.
  • Taste: CBD oil has a somewhat natural, nutty flavour. If it starts tasting weird with a bitter aftertaste, chuck it in the bin and buy another.

Key takeaways

Most good things come to an end, including CBD oil. However, if you use CBD oil regularly, you do not need to worry about the expiration date as you will have finished the bottle before that day. If you take all the information above into account and look after your CBD oil, you should have no problems with it expiring.


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