Dragon Fruit Strain [Full Review in 2022]

So, are you up for a fruity and sweet buzz? 

If you are, the dragon fruit strain is worth a try in that case. This awesome weed strain is a perfect blend of both Indica and Sativa. The sweet, lemony, and citrusy buzz that this fruit creates may be a worthwhile experience once you consume it.

The Dragon fruit weed is known to be helping with chronic pain, fatigue, stress, and anxiety. This weed strain is worth a try if you are into marijuana. It creates a funny and happy euphoria, gives you energy, makes you laugh, and uplifts your spirit. 

You may have tried other strains like the lemon drop before, but this one also has some surprises ready for you. In this article, let me introduce you to the dragon fruit strain. 

What Is Dragon Fruit Strain? 

What Is Dragon Fruit Strain

Dragon fruit strain ( not to confuse with dragon berry strain ) shows both Sativa and Indica dominant natures. It comes in two different strains called the Silver Haze and Snow Lotus. Each of the strains of the Dragon fruit cannabis shows distinguished traits. 

The dragon fruit weed cannabis strain offers an intense and highly energetic strain good for relaxation. You can feel a euphoric and uplifting experience giving the consumers a sudden kick. As a quick relief for an afternoon lethargy, this one strain packs just the right amount and type of power. 

The easiest answer is that it is not either of them. You can also say that it is both of them. This weed strain shows the features of both Indica and Sativa. The dragon fruit weed strain shows the hybrid nature of both two major potent strains, Lotus and Silver Haze. 

Is Dragon Fruit Indica Or Sativa?

The dragon fruit strain has lime green buds, and they are drenched in trichomes. They are known for their fruity and dank aroma. Some say that their aroma resembles the mix of grapefruits and mandarin oranges.

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Dragon Fruit Strain Appearance 

So, what does the dragon fruit strain appears to be when you touch, smell, and smoke it? Here is a brief overview –


The different notes that you are going to feel while smoking the dragon weed strain are –

A bit of tart lemon, notes of citrus, and some feel of sweetness. While you smoke this strain, a feel of the ripe summers fruits juice runs through the windpipe. Diverse minimal notes of pine, herb, earth, and an edge of diesel also run through your vein as you smoke it in. 


With a thick layer of crystalline trichomes, the dragon weed strain boasts a lush, colorful appearance, and it is sticky. Sometimes it has a thick covering of pistils and orange. Other attractive colors like purples, eye-catching green, or a warm and golden yellow are there. 


The flavor is present in the aroma. As I said before, you feel the taste of ripe summer fruits as you inhale the smoke of the dragon fruit strain. You can taste the crisp taste of refreshing pine along with some touch of herb, earth, and peach. It brings really brings a tropical state of mind.

What Do People Say About Dragon Fruit Strain

Here are the benefits of this strain –

Benefits of dragon fruit strain

According to the consumers, the Dragon fruit strain helps to relieve anxiety, depression, and eye pressure. Around 15% of the consumers say it is beneficial for relieving depression. 15% more consumers feel that it is good for reducing anxiety. 10% of smokers claim its benefits in relieving eye pressure. 

Dragon Fruit strain Effects

Never smoke a strain before knowing how they affect you. For example, the dragon strain here offers different feelings like making you feel hungry, focused, and giggly. Here are some of the feelings you may feel after a joint session. 


Smoking the dragon fruit strain may leave you hungry. On the other hand, you might feel like you can eat a lot after smoking a joint of this strain. 


The dragon fruit strain offers you a quick boost of energy. If you want to break that awkward and lazy feeling, it can kickstart you with the intense focus you were lacking all this time. 


Like any other strain (take lemon drop strain, for instance), the dragon weed strain gives a giggly feeling. You may want to laugh a lot after smoking one of these. You may feel uplifted and happy. It is best to smoke after a day’s hard work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the previous portions, you are already aware of the dragon fruit strain’s characteristics and effects. However, if you want to know more, the below questions and answers may help.

What Is Dragon Strain?

The dragon strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. It is a cross between Red Dragon and OG Kush. 
Red Dragon blends with the mid-level of sedation and pleasant euphoria. You can boost your mood with this pleasant strain and relax your brain and body.

Is Dragon Fruit A Hybrid? 

The dragon fruit strain is a hybrid strain. The purple-skinned dragon fruit is not a hybrid fruit. Also, It is a specialty fruit. Similar to the variegated pink lemon and baby kiwi, the dragon fruit is a mix of tropical, hybrid, and specialty fruits.

How Does Forbidden Fruit Strain Make You Feel?

The best thing about the forbidden fruit strain is that they uplift even the most uptight persons. They offer high euphoric sensations and relax you while you smoke them. This cannabis offers the blissful effects of the cannabis plant. You will experience the blissful experience pretty soon after starting to smoke them. 

Final Words 

When it comes to arousing a hungry feeling, blue glue, lemon trainwreck, white strawberry, and willie’s ghost are some options you may try. But if you want a tropical sense of ripe summer fruits, then the dragon fruit strain is the one you need to try. 

Reading this article should help you learn about this strain. If you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment.

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