Essential Supplies For a Successful Greenhouse

For the ultimate gardening experience, you would be wise to consider building your own personal greenhouse. Here are five things that you will need to get you started.

Building Kit

The first thing that you will need is the actual kit to construct your greenhouse. It is easier than you think to build this yourself. Start by taking a look at the various greenhouse kits available to you online to find the best structure to fit your space constraints and needs. Then you can start the process of making this dream a reality.

Some of the various construction options include tunnels with hoop options or metal buildings. The type of greenhouse-style that you choose will largely depend on the weather patterns in your area as well as the available space that you have.

Basic Garden Tools

Once you have the greenhouse in place, it is time to start gathering all of the essentials that you will need to make your garden grow. The best place to start is with a set of basic garden tools.

Every serious gardener should have a pruner, a quality pair of scissors, a trowel, small stakes to mark your crops, and string. Keep all of these tools together in a bin or pot so that you do not misplace any of these essential items. You may also find it helpful to keep a pair of gardening gloves, labels, and markers near when you are working in the greenhouse.

A Variety of Pots

Every gardener needs a full range of pots in a myriad of sizes. Having a wide range of sizes will give you the opportunity to start smaller seed plants as well as move into larger plants. Smaller pots are more helpful when looking to encourage seedlings.

You will also need larger pots so that you can transplant your seedlings where they will have more room to grow. Having bigger pots in your greenhouse will also give you the necessary space to protect fragile plants that may not fare as well in the elements of the great outdoors.

Proper Shelving and Counters

In addition to pots to house your larger plants, you will also want adequate shelving for the smaller items that you do not want to leave on the floor. Another essential item in your greenhouse is a counter-level surface to make it easier to take care of your plants.

Table or counter height will be the most comfortable for you if you plan on working on your plants in the greenhouse. Having higher shelving will make it easy to store your lighter supplies such as tools, markers, and other items that you do not need to access all of the time. In contrast, lower shelves are ideal for heavier items that you would not want to store too high. For example, this is a good place for soil mixes, big pots, and heavy trays.

Temperature Monitoring

One of the most important keys to success in this new gardening venture is how effectively you are able to keep the temperature in your greenhouse at the ideal setting. It is easy to support the growth and maturation of plants in the perfect climate. Simply add a thermometer to the greenhouse so that you can continually monitor the temperature inside of the structure.

Keeping an eye on this thermometer will ensure that you know if the temperature is getting too warm for ideal growth. If this is the case, you will need to move plants so that they receive shade. Conversely, in the winter, the thermometer will let you know if it is getting too chilly in the greenhouse so that you can add warmth if you need to.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, you will quickly get the hang of working inside your greenhouse once you have the proper supplies in place. It will not be long before you are growing delicious food, beautiful plants, or whatever your green thumb will make for you.


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