Quitting Marijuana, is not the point of Cannitrol; control is.

Did you know that the secret to enhancing your cannabis sessions is using less, not more of the drug? It’s true, although it seems counter-intuitive. The less is more rule applies like so: when you stop using cannabis for over a week, it’s almost like hitting the reset button on your tolerance.

What is Cannitrol? A specially blended formula with essential ingredients 5-HTP, Ciwujia, and St. Johns Wort. That means Cannitrol is all-natural, organic, and safe, as well as being highly effective. Cannitrol quells the mood swings, lack of focus and sleep that often accompany going cold turkey off of marijuana, and one of the primary reasons why “chronic” users find it so hard to ween themselves off. Even when they know that they will return to cannabis one day, users are put off by the prospect of spending up to two weeks in a fog of emotion and restlessness. 5-HTP is the precursor to Serotonin—the happy feeling neurotransmitter produced naturally by the body—and kicks up your serotonin production to combat the moodiness that creeps in when you ditch the dank stuff. Other ingredients, L-Tyrosine and Valerian Root, are used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote a positive mood and to put that ill at ease feeling to rest. Now you can get on with your life, take that drug test for work (please wait two weeks for THC to evacuate your system), or embark on that project or vacation from weed that you’ve meant to do.

When you return to cannabis after your break, it will feel like the first time you ever used it. The euphoria will be enhanced, the high will last longer, and a little will go a long way. On the inside, your cannabinoid receptors will be soaking in all of those medicinal compounds in a more efficient manner than when you are in heavy use mode. Like magic, but it’s not—it’s Cannitrol.

Cannitrol, simply, is a non-addictive pill that can be used to help cannabis consumers quit, slow down use, or take a recalibration break.

The all-natural organic supplement lessens symptoms of withdrawal that can last up to two weeks since the time of the last session. Although marijuana addiction isn’t common, it does occur and so does over-use and abuse. Marijuana use disorder affects up to 30 percent of marijuana users, even those who use it based on a doctor’s recommendation. Let’s face it, stopping cannabis use does not have the same implications of detoxing from other drugs but the symptoms can still be unpleasant and distracting. For some users, it could be enough to want to light up again. Stop the madness!

While most cannabis consumers can tell you quitting cannabis will never amount to symptoms like any number of hard drugs, including legal pharmaceuticals or even tobacco/alcohol, some people do incur small nuances like less restful sleep, changes in appetite, or overall increased feelings of anxiety or stress.

For people who use cannabis on a regular basis, especially long-term, it is easy to identify why this might be the case; most people report that cannabis can increase the quality of sleep, increase their appetite, and reduce their anxiety or stress – these are a few of the qualities that make cannabis so beneficial medicinally. For those people who use cannabis regularly to take advantage of any number of these, or other, benefits, a sudden shift unincorporating cannabis use from their routine can result in an adjustment period.

And, while many avid cannabis consumers are probably asking, “Why would I want to quit?”, situations arise in life in which legitimate reasons to quit may present themselves.

For example, many people have encountered a scenario (or know a friend who has) where a pending job interview might require a drug test – and, despite cannabis being safer than more socially-acceptable recreational alternatives like alcohol, most prospective employers requiring drug tests are unlikely to hire someone testing positive.

Although many people faced with these types of challenges may try to skirt around the problem using fake pee or detoxifiers, others feel less secure using these options and instead opt to simply quit using cannabis for a while.

Alternatively, there are people who are not forced to quit by circumstance, but after consuming large amounts of cannabis regularly, simply feel a temporary break to lower your tolerance to a more affordable or accommodating level  may be in order.

This is where Cannitrol comes in.

Designed to ease the early adjustment period for cannabis consumers taking a break, Cannitrol (which is available without a prescription) is composed of natural ingredients, such as valerian root and St. John’s wort, commonly used to relax anxious nerves, promote better sleep, and combat depression.

While the makers of Cannitrol are quick to reassure that they are not in any way trying to imply that cannabis consumers should quit, they do recognize the benefit of having something available to make things easier for those who want or need to.

For the die-hard aficionados who vow never to quit, Cannitrol will likely never be of consequence. But for the average Joe, who is trying to get a job, or comply with his probation, or just trying to get his tolerance down, Cannitrol may offer a helping hand.

Cannitrol is available without a prescription because it’s all natural. Ingredients include such things as valerian root and St. John’s wort, commonly used to relax anxious nerves, promote better sleep, and combat depression. It’s so effective that we have accounts of many years users who were too afraid to stop using cannabis, but had to (at least briefly) for one reason or another. A new job, a serious relationship, or the need to buckle down on a project, or just to reset the endocannabinoid system are all valid reasons to use Cannitrol. We have verified testimonials from individuals who used Cannitrol for all of these reasons and more. What did they love more than how easy it was to quit? Probably the fact that when they did choose to return to their favorite herb, the effects were like the first time all over again. Suddenly a little goes a long way, meaning some serious cash savings. How awesome is that?

Source: https://hempland.net/cannitrol/

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