Is CBD going to improve your sex life?

Let’s find out about this hottest trend right away. So how exactly does this work? How can CBD influence your sex life, and after all, can it really? Many questions, not as many answers, or…?

To begin with, what is CBD

Even if you are not well aware about CBD, let’s refresh your memory, or find out what CBD is and where it comes from. CBD hemp flower describes the flowers or in other words buds of the cannabis plant that has been cultivated specifically in a way that allows it to have high cannabidiol (CBD) and low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. With the THC being kept low, meaning within legal limits, consumption of CBD flowers is meant to bring relaxation to the consumer without psychoactive influence. It has a whole variety of health improvement qualities; one of them is the influence on your sex drive.

How does CBD work?

CBD is a well-known anxiety and stress release product, whether you consume it as a smoke, using a vape, in different food forms or a gentle oil massage, its natural benefits are proven to be absolutely working and do not leave the question mark hanging at all. It is a great source of relieving any muscle pain, headache and even digestion problems, it also helps you to normalize your sleeping schedule without any signs of being a psychoactive substance. 

Can CBD really improve your sex life?

Since we have learned that CBD is a great help for having a stress-free life and also relaxes your muscles and prevents soreness, it is only logical to assume that CBD is actually going to help you to let go and enjoy your body at its fullest.

While being still new to the market and scientists still arguing whether CBD really works or it is purely a placebo effect, many CBD users already tested its qualities on their own skin and would assure you that it works.

 CBD can be available in a massive variety of different forms, as mentioned above, it can be a straight hemp flower ready to be grinded, perhaps a pre-rolled joint, vaping e-liquid with different flavours, wide range of oils and tinctures, as well as to be added to alcohol and food.

After it recommended itself on the market, it was only a matter of time before it started to be used in the bedroom too. Variety of forms, starting with lubricants and massage oils, the list goes on and on. Producers of such products assure their users that it is safe, that it will bring you new adventures in your sex life and overall it will improve your relationship too.

Despite the fact that science and results are still contemplating, CBD is a well-known help when it comes to curing chronic pain. If you think about it, it is very logical to assume that if you are experiencing chronic pain such as vaginismus or endometriosis, for example, CBD will be a great help to let the pain quiet down and for you to have an amazing time.

How CBD can help improve sex experience?

CBD is proven by many users to be of great help in terms of increasing the pleasure level gently, deals quite fast with rising anxiety, therefore improves the performance of both sides in the bedroom, and of course will get you in the right mood right there and then.

If you are still wondering what would be that ‘magical’ ingredient of CBD, we have collected professional’s opinions. Since CBD increases the blood flow fast and mild, leading you to feel less anxious and stress-free, it is also most likely to let your erogenous zones feel more activated. It raises sensitivity for your gentle body parts, which under the right circumstances may lead to sexual arousal.

It is also often proven to be a great way to help relieve inner muscle spasms, when used in a lubricant, it is going to absorb absolutely fast by your bloodstream and nerve endings, leading to increasing muscle activity where it’s needed and lowering muscle tension if that is needed too.

Modern technology allows lubricants to be of different results, such as warming, cooling, and so on, leading to a much more pleasurable sexual intercourse for both sides.

Its not easy to determine how many people have heard about using CBD for sexual pleasure and then proceeded to do so, however studies show that there are a quite a few people who used it at least once, and people, who keep on using it on a daily basis. It is also known that most of the people participated in studies confirmed their orgasms to have become more frequent and easier to achieve, after they have added CBD products to their sexual life experience.

Since hemp flowers are also well known for reducing stress and anxiety, studies have shown that CBD products are also successful at calming and getting you into the right mood, right when it’s needed. Therefore, using CBD can definitely lead to a maximum pleasure and positive outcome of the sexual experience of both sides.

It is especially organic when it comes to sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, where heterosexual stigma forces women to have orgasms in terms of not being frigid, meanwhile men are usually tending to reach climax faster than women, therefore CBD can also improve the quality of the foreplay, leading women to relax and achieve that desired orgasm faster.  

CBD is also a very safe option to use for your sexual life, because it is non-psychoactive, and it doesn’t affect your mood by getting you high, it simply helps to reorient the blood streams flow into the right places, instead of the wrong ones, meaning that it raises pleasure levels to their maximum.

Science research on CBD’s effects

If we speak of science, CBD helps to boost the natural neurotransmitters, leading to our brain producing more endorphins and oxytocin, which are responsible for our positive emotions and the feelings of being loved and happy. This is obtained to lead to a more positive sexual intercourse between couples.

However, scientific research is a limited option at present, meaning that not so many scientists agree or disagree with the positive influence of CBD on your bedroom life. Right now, studies show more and more proof of its straight role in enhancing your sexual life, however some experts notice that it is too early right now to jump to any conclusions. Therefore, we highly recommend you and your partner to experience it, learn together and decide for yourselves.

There are a few opinions about what ways it is better to intake CBD before starting a sex intercourse. Some assume it is best used in a lubricant, some suggest to use it as an oil for massage before the closure, and some are arguing that the best way to consume CBD before sex and the most efficient one is to vaporize CBD, and then dive into the deeper right away.

It is also believed that smoking is the fastest way to deliver CBD into your blood stream, leading to immediate reaction of your hormones and nerve endings, helping you to calm down that inner dialogue and focus on the present moment with your partner, or if you are having fun by yourself, after all, we are more than just our sex, it is a whole spectrum of sexuality that one must learn by oneself.

Doctors may still try to assure you that CBD is nothing more than placebo, while in reality more and more people are ready to bet their best on the fact that CBD actually works.

After we have discovered more about positive and negative effects of using CBD in your bedroom (negative ones were not found) it is important to talk about several rules you should follow before trying something new in your sexual life.

It is only essential for a person to be willing to experiment some more when it comes to their sexual activity, and there is nothing wrong with CBD not being enough to help to you, but at least you can try. Here are a few things you should consider before experimenting.

CBD products for sexual use

You should definitely browse the internet to make sure that you got yourself a real quality product. Some producers may state on the package that it is pure CBD, indoor grown and so on and so forth, while in reality the actual dosage of CBD may be untraceable or what’s even worse, filled with THC when it is not really legal in some countries.

To make sure that you have a great quality product in your hands, it is recommended to read reviews, ask around, and what’s even more important, best for the product to be third party lab tested, as all of Marry Jane’s products, for example.

It is also important to know whether the product you are about to use is legal in your country. Marry Jane’s products are legal in most European countries, because they are mostly THC free, and not leading to any psychoactive experience, but just bringing you calmness and relaxation. Make sure that your CBD products are obtained from naturally indoor grown hemp flowers, and not elsewhere.

What to know about using CBD in the bedroom

Try out some CBD products as a separate experiment aside from your bedroom, to learn how it influences you, the same we suggest to follow the procedure by your partner. Trying and researching together is the most efficient way to find your perfect dose, since the needed amount of vaped CBD can differ for many people, for example.

Start step by step, by taking the same dose first a few times, if you feel like you need to use some more – go ahead. Just make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and everyone feels comfortable with their personal CBD dosage.

We definitely recommend that you start using CBD before you guys enter the bedroom, or any other suitable location for you. It takes time for a lubricant, oil or edibles to kick in before its effect is most cultivated, sometimes it may take up to 60 minutes, and once again it is absolutely unique for each individual, find your perfect absorption time and use it wisely.

Talking about anxiety and the connection to sexual performance, it is a well-known fact that both males and females experience some anxiety issues in their personal life, work life, family etc. Sometimes anxiety may influence you so badly, that you are unable to perform sexually. In that case, CBD is a perfect solution, because it gently calms your nerves no matter the source of your problem, and gently leads your libido to work properly, therefore relieved anxiety equals better sexual experience.

However, there isn’t that much research in this area. How does CBD really improve anxiety issues? It is still confirmed by many users that CBD helps with social anxiety, fear of being seen or even body dysmorphia issues.

If you ever share your ideas about willing to add CBD to your sexual routine, it is easy to believe that some people from your surrounding have tried it already or thought about it too. No matter what opinions you hear, you should only make any conclusions after you have personally tried using CBD in sexual field and then make up your own mind.

If we talk more precisely about what actual sexual benefits other than reducing your stress levels to a minimum CBD brings, the list is quite long.

Erectile dysfunction, is it a sentence or an opportunity for CBD products?

Let’s dive deeper on what causes erectile dysfunction or ED, shall we? First, CBD may help to influence erectile dysfunction. Caused by many different circumstances, from physical to psychological, therefore, the exact scientific pattern on influencing ED isn’t fully learned yet; however studies have shown that a group that added CBD to their routine has demonstrated an actual improvement, leading to none ED episodes whenever the time of sexual intercourse had begun.

The only theory is that since CBD speeds up the blood flow stream and delivers its natural ingredients right to the intimate areas, it helps to get a longer and firmer arousal, than placebo group or the group that didn’t use CBD in any form.

However, another study had shown that on the other hand, that CBD helps to reduce blood pressure, making it impossible to cure ED at the first glance, but the study was focused on the treatment of heart disease, and there was no observation done after the ED whatsoever.

Because of its natural absorbing and calming functions, CBD is a great addition to a lubricant, it reduces dryness and pain if that was the issue, leading to enhanced climax.

About that blood flow 

One of the most logical and reasonable assumptions is, of course, reduced blood flow. But why does it happen? Ironically, high blood pressure is responsible for this cause, because over time, if your blood pressure is quite high, it can damage the blood vessels around the crotch, forcing them to harden over time and thus their throughput lowers drastically. This is also called atherosclerosis in the medicine world; the endgame is lowered blood flow into the penis. 

Since blood flow is what creates physical arousal, you may still experience emotional arousal and the need for closure, yet won’t be able to perform sexually. And on the contrary, low blood pressure may create just the same problem too.

Disclaimer *General recommendations in this scenario should be provided to you by your doctor, but it is mostly good old diet, fixed sleeping schedule and trying to have less stress and avoid stressful situations. And even though this article covers sexual side of the issue, in general CBD helps with all three; it reduces stress, helps to bring peace to your eating habits and also deals with sleeping problems. Only more reasons to try it out!

High and low blood pressure are as we already learned may stand in the way of erection, however, CBD is shown to help relax tensed blood vessels, leading to blood flowing in and out of your crotch easily that may help to solve ED. 

Anxious habits, easy to break or easier to flake?

Another stumbling block in this matter is already mentioned above – anxiety. It is very essential to assume that sex and sexual drive firstly starts in our brain. And it is logical too, after we see or think of something pleasurable, of perhaps even experience it on a physical level, our hormones start to work differently, producing more oxytocin and endorphins, leading to sexual arousal both male and female; and where do hormones come from, yes, they assimilate mostly (not all of them) in our nervous system and then spread through our body system. Therefore, once your brain gets a sexual arousal signal, hormones start to produce immediately, unless they are suppressed by something stronger, for example stress or anxiety. 

Anxiety may become a significant barrier in terms of sex, since most of the emotions you experience are in the negative spectrum; anxiety may drastically interfere with your behaviour and emotions, and won’t let you enjoy your sexual intercourse at its fullest. It is okay to seek help from a psychologist, a therapist and so on, but sometimes the idea of visiting a specialist brings even more anxiety. 

You may feel anxious about many things, whether it is the way you look, the way your partner may feel about your body, the way you smell or even how your genitals look, the list is quite long, and sometimes even the idea of having sexual intercourse with someone you desire may put a block on your sexual performance and erection. All of the above and other possible fears that bring you to an anxiety stage are quite common and most people face anxiety on a daily basis, your feelings, even if you feel they do not seem reasonable to you, are very valid. 

Anyways, these thoughts may become crucial in terms of sexual dialogue, leading to more disturbing thoughts and only strengthening the feeling of anxiety, which leads to more worries about ED and stops any excitement about having sex and overall sexual drive of an individual. 

Stress is an obstacle, or can you be stressed enough?

In pretty much the same behavior habits stress may influence ED alongside anxiety, because these two are co-dependent. Stress leads to anxiety, and anxiety produces more stress. If you are stressed out and anxious on a daily basis, it may clearly influence your sex drive mood and lead to erectile dysfunction as well. Sometimes under stress or stressful events it may be too much for one to overcome their thoughts, let go and dive deeper into sexual intercourse with their partner, and let’s admit, it is not fun for every participant. Stress usually leads to more significant health issues, and may be the cause of a high blood pressure, depriving you of having a strong and stable erection. 

CBD products are a great way to let go of daily stress and anxiety, leading to a better sexual performance. Once your mind is calm, there is nothing standing in the way of you enjoying your sex life as you deserve it to. 

Balance your hormones and they will balance your life…

Our body produces hormones on a daily basis that helps us to feel and experience the full spectrum of emotions; go on with our day and so on. Hormones are like the fundament of your body, you are alive as long as your hormones are being produced. It happens naturally and doesn’t require our attention usually, unless there is an imbalance, forced by a bad sleeping schedule, stress, poor diet, negative emotions, and lack of sports.  

Main hormones that are responsible for your stable mood are serotonin and cortisol. Serotonin is also known as sleep regulating hormone, while cortisol is responsible for lowering stress levels and controlling arterial pressure. These two are basic for a normal daily well-being, while other important hormones for sexual activity would be testosterone and estrogen, first one delivers sexual drive and libido, and estrogen is mostly responsible for cells renewal. If some imbalance of these leading for sexual drive hormones happens, then it may lead to erectile dysfunction and general lowering of sexual drive. 

A few studies have shown that CBD intake may actually result in your hormones coming back to normal, therefore cancels ED’s reason at its core.

Hormones are very important when it comes to living our life to it’s fullest, whether it is social interactions, general wellbeing and sexual activity. CBD has direct influence on all of the above described issues, or are they still going to be issues, after you start using CBD?

Any side effects to know of?

CBD infused products in general do not have any side effects or risks, if we talk about oils or lubricants. Since Marry Jane’s products are low on THC or THC free, the risk of psychic activity is absolutely zero. However, there are some things you ought to consider.

While most studies show that using CBD is practically very beneficial for male body, it may actually cause lowered libido for women. It was only a suggestion based on the feedback from women who associated an intake of a bigger amount of CBD than needed or recommended. Therefore once again, you must proceed wisely with the amount of CBD you intake. 

Whether your problem is physical or mental, CBD may become just the right solution, without facing scary doctor’s needles or never ending shrink sessions. (We do not recommend self-therapy, it is always recommended to visit your doctor before committing to use CBD of any form)

Improve men’s sexual performance

CBD products offer some of the most attractive ways for reducing cases of ED. By relieving stress and anxiety, as well as diminishing other health problems, CBD can potentially improve men’s sex drive and sexual performance. There’s more to learn, but it’s already clear that CBD is a great, low-risk option for helping to solve ED.

Now that we have discovered possible reasons for ED and the ways CBD may help to solve this issue, alongside with the whole list of other problems, we would like to discuss some more about how and what products you may start using today. 

Marry Jane offers a wide range of CBD products that can be used on a daily basis as well as find a good use in your bedroom. In terms of help with ED, it is recommended to vape e-liquid, use oils and tinctures, CBD lube and others, whatever you find most working and suitable for you. 

CBD oil for sexual routine – how to take

One of the most popular additions to your sexual routine would be CBD oil. Take it under your tongue, just a few drops, and enjoy around 5-7 hours of pleasure, but do not forget to wait for about 20-30 min before it hits off. Feel free to add CBD oil to some food you’d like, but remember that the digestion system may take more than 3 hours to let you feel some CBD effects. The fastest way would be vaping, next one is oils and the last one is edibles. Vaping’s effects start in 5-10 minutes and last around 5-6 hours, but it differs by individual. 

  • CBD Drops HS Regular 5%

If you just wish to experiment, whether you are facing ED, vaginismus, anxiety or any other possible reason to try, we recommend taking it easy and slow with a 5% CBD drops HS regular. It is a very light yet working formula of an indoor grown CBD, premium Swiss first class hemp flowers. The oil is full of beneficial ingredients; it is full of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and other cannabinoids and terpenes. It can be used in the bedroom as a few drops under your tongue before 20-30 minutes of your foreplay, or like a foreplay massage you give to your partner, a very relaxing and sensual experience. 

  • CBD Drops MCT Regular 10%

With the wide range of different concentrations of CBD variations, Marry Jane really thought through everything for CBD users, pro and beginners. 10% CBD is a great next step solution for your bedroom experience, whether you try it alone or with your partner, the result will be mild and very much worth it. 

  • CBD Drops Watersoluble 15%

15% Watersoluble CBD tincture is perfectly stable and absolutely THC free. This product was carefully developed for CBD users with experience, to experience in their intimate life and on a daily basis. Ready to use tincture will become a great addition to your foreplay and definitely brighten up your orgasm to vivid colours. 

  • CBD Drops HS Regular 20%

20% is great for experimenting, one you’re not a card shark anymore, but a responsible and learned how it works on you already, then you will know just the right amount of CBD you need for your next sex appointment with your lover. It nourishes the skin, fights against swollen areas and relieves any muscle discomfort in no time. 

  • CBD Drops MCT Regular 30%

If you are past the stage of acquaintance with CBD, it may be the perfect time to try out 30% CBD. Harder dosage will bring more relaxation to your body, used as massage oil or as an arousing edible (just a few drops) it will stimulate all your hormones and genitals to enjoy that warm and relaxing feeling of sexual arousal. 

CBD flowers & e-liquids for sex

Some other great ways such as smoking and vaping, are well known for its ability to carry and deliver CBD faster into your bloodstream, ready to try it yet?

  • Jane’s Skunk CBD Pre-Roll

Take one of our perfectly rolled for your convenience, aroma joints with the best CBD, playful taste of fruit and sweetness will be a very sexy addition to your sexy experiments in the bedroom. Take a few puffs, and enjoy each other like never before. Wide range of different flavours and pre-rolled joints for you will make it easy to find something you and your partner have in common, other than sex. 

  • MJ Bubble CBD Flowers

If you wish to play around a little, it is purely up to you. In that case you better get yourself a perfect indoor-grown Swiss premium hemp flower, grind it in a perfect and made for keeping the aroma inside herb grinder by Marry Jane and let your MJ Bubble CBD Flower keep its dense and gentle citrus flavor and earthy odor for your mutual relaxation and libido stimulation. 

  • CBD Vape Pen Battery Kit

Perfect and tasty way to intake CBD before getting wild in the bed is vaping e-cigarettes. Producing dense smoke yet avoiding the burning part, will do just fine if you are in the hotel, or if you do not wish to smoke joints inside. Tasty and pure CBD e-liquids were developed by Marry Jane for your best experience. Get yourself a vape battery kit and a pod cartridge, vape wherever and whenever you’d like. Do not forget to check out our catalogue and get yourself the perfect flavour you desire. 

  • CBD Liquids 10 ml

Wide range of flavours and tastes will definitely leave a permanent mark of satisfaction, both smoking and sexual too. Pure CBD and its best benefits are going to let you relax and enjoy yourself after the very first puff. Take one light puff, hold it in for a few seconds and let go. This exercise will help to deal with anxiety right at the spot, while blood vessels will be on their way to deliver all the desired blood flow to your genitals, for a light feeling of arousal, what happens next is only your business. We recommend trying out blueberry e-liquid. It’s sexy, sensual and very delicious. 

You can also add any of the above (apart e-liquids) to your food. Edibles are fast at delivering CBD’s relaxation and mild effects to your bloodstream, but they take time. We recommend intake of CBD in food form around 60 – 90 minutes before your planned intercourse (if you can do so). 

Whether you’re not facing any difficulties, such as ED, hormone misbalance, sleep regularly and so on, CBD will become a great addition to enhancing your orgasms, adding bright colours into the sex process and of course gift you the pleasure of feeling your partner on a whole new level. It’s hard to describe, easier to try and see for yourself. 

To sum it all up, let’s review one more time what exactly you will get after adding CBD to your basic routine of pleasure in the bedroom. 

Is CBD psychoactive?

We all know that CBD isn’t psychoactive, therefore it is safe to use any time and place of the day. Whether you’re meeting someone, attending a meeting and so on. CBD may and will allow you to let go of your head gently and let you enjoy here and now, as well as being good at relaxing muscles during penetration and very good at enhancing your sensation, leading to a maximum pleasure. It is safer to use than alcohol even, you won’t get any hangovers or by an accident have too much, you won’t face any muffled memories, you will be actually present at the moment, isn’t it wonderful?  And one of the best parts, if you use it in between sex and later going to bed, you are guaranteed to have the best sleep you’ve had for a while, stress and anxiety free, fulfilled with satisfaction. 

CBD to reduce the discomfort in sexual life

Therefore, first and main thing you will get out of using CBD for your sexual intercourse is reduce of discomfort. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, or a non-binary person, any of us may face discomfort, physical or mental. CBD will make it easy on you, so you do not have to worry, just relax and enjoy the ride. It lowers any inflammation, prevents irritation and may actually become useful if you have latex allergies or some other disturbing issues. 

Fasten your seatbelt, because your sensations will be on peak. Since it’s waking up the blood flow around genitals, female intimate organs, FYI clitoris contains more than 8000! Nerve endings are becoming more sensual, even if you have lowered sensations. Head of the penis is very sensitive too, combine these two and risk witnessing fireworks. After all, it is not really necessary to combine anything, you can enjoy yourself, or… we’ll leave up the imagination part to you. But strong and out of the world orgasm is as well guaranteed. 

CBD stimulating arousal 

If you are so caught up with your daily stressful life, CBD will be a great help in terms of creating the desire right here and now. Stimulating arousal for every gender, effects are mild and strong at the same time, it will help you to finally get into a horny playful mood, that you may have thought was lost for good.

Better foreplay, better orgasms. Colourful and amazing climax will be your companion alongside CBD. Get closer with your partner on a mental level, after they give you a nice relaxing massage, or vice versa, experiments are meant for two of you only, so dare to try new things out. 

Since CBD oils are very fast at absorbing by our skin, it won’t take long for you to feel the arousal and that sexy desire to become intimate with your partner. Rub it into the arms, on the back, feet and so on, only you decide what kind of a role play you’re starting. 

How to use CBD in your sex life

And last but not least, that stress you experience will fade away right after you intake CBD. Calm your brain down, stop the monologue, you can’t solve all of the problems at once, but what you can do is be present with your partner in a fiery and fierce sexual connection.  

Take a bath with CBD oils and vape a few puffs, roll a joint or get a pre rolled one with your favourite flavor, and enjoy like you have never before. CBD is an easy way to reach orgasm, feel calm and focus on the present moment, proceed with the perfect dosage with care and stimulate your organs to work for your pleasure. 

Take CBD by your favorite way before sex, wait for a few minutes and proceed to a foreplay, you will feel anxiety fading off and relaxation began to spread, add some lube during the actual intercourse and enjoy restful post-sex sleep after all the CBD and pleasure games. 

How to calculate CBD dosage

If you are not confident about where to start, you should consider how to calculate your personal CBD dosage. Based on your body weight, your metabolism and desired effects, determine what way you’d like to intake CBD. Fastest and easiest way to deliver CBD to the bloodstream is vaping or smoking. 

  • We recommend starting with the lightest CBD concentration in the amount of 1 puff, inhaling, holding for 10 sec, and exhaling. That’ll do for the first time definitely. If you are an experienced user, you may know more about your personal preferences. 
  • For the first time of using oil, we recommend to use 1 drop of 5% CBD oil or tincture, and slowly increase dosage or percentage to reach maximum benefit of CBD and pleasure. Over time you may need to switch to stronger CBD products and amounts too. 

Scientific researches on CBD

As mentioned above, scientists are still researching the influence of CBD on our body and mental health, and it may take some time for them to draw reasonable conclusions. But if it is a natural addition to your daily routine, there should be no harm in it, unless you start abusing CBD. Listen to your body, after all it is all about finding perfect balance and enhancing your life style, through sex as well. 

CBD will surely influence your sex life by lowering anxiety and releasing stressful thoughts, it will improve your blood circulation through your blood vessels, set you in a better mood and lower physical pain of penetration in you experience any. But remember, to use wisely and do not harm yourself.  

Live your life to its fullest and never stop trying out new things, because every day’s life is what life is made of. 


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