Kryptonite strain: Everything You Need to Know And More!

If you are in the market looking for some new powerful strains? Then look no further; we have exactly what you want. Have you heard of the Kryptonite strain? It is a really popular strain with about 16% THC and 0% CBD.

If you wanna know more about this mysterious new strain of Kryptonite, stay tuned with us and be updated.

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Introducing The Krypto Strain

Well, that is the hype behind the new Krypto strain! To know why it’s becoming so widely popular? Let’s find out the details about this mysterious new strain of cannabis and whether it is suited to unwind after a tiring day.

1. What Is The Kryptonite Strain? 

What Is The Kryptonite Strain? 

The Kryptonite is rumoured to be the clone hybrid of two popular strains, Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps. It is created by the breeders of the Bay Area’s famous Oaksterdam University.

If you are dealing with severe pain, you can easily choose this strain to treat the pain without an overwhelmingly sleepy sensation. The flavour and taste of this strain will remind you about the Cinderella 99 strain, which is among the parent strains of Killer Queen.

Make sure you don’t confuse the Krypto strain with the kryptonite og kush strain, as this is the cross of the Kryptonite and OG strain.

The Kryptonite consumers expressed their thoughts about the effects of the strain that it is long-lasting. And it is incredibly potent, with a THC that ranges from 17% to 27%. Kryptonite strain indica or sativa content is 85% and 15%, respectively.

2. Characteristics Of The Strain

Characteristics Of The Strain

When you are getting a strain from two very potent strains, then you bet the aroma and taste of this strain are great.

But just in case, let me break it down for you.

Genetics Indica dominant
Parents Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen
THC 16%
CBD 0%
Flavors Sweet and sugary
Aroma Skunky, pungent and musty, with earthy tones and tropical fruits scents.
Appearance Vibrant green with a generous coating of resinous crystal-like trichomes. The pistils are orangeish-brown in colour.
Effects Sleepy, Hungry, Relaxed with Dry Mouth, Dizzy Feel and Dry Eyes.

3. Growing Kryptonite Strain

Growing Kryptonite Strain

Before you start growing your own Krypto strain, let me tell you it’s a clone-only type of strain. This means you need to have the clippings of a fully matured female Krypto plant.

To know all the details of how to grow your own Kryptonite strain, here are the important details you have to know about.

Growing Difficulty Moderate.
Growth suitability Both outdoors and indoors.
Climate Sunny and pleasant, Protect from Inclement weather.
Soil Type High nutrient content soil. They can be grown hydroponically.
Method Best if used Sea of Green method.
Flowering Time Eight to Ten weeks
Harvest Period Mid-September to Early October
Yield (outdoor) 22 ounces per plant
Yield (indoor) 11 ounces per square meter

Effects of the Kryptonite Strain

Effects of the Kryptonite Strain

Since there are effects and side effects of every strain, let’s check out what are the effects of Kryptonite strain are. One of the most common effects professed by most is that it helps to meditate and do yoga.

Most helpful for the artistry types, as this strain helps to get their creativity flow on the canvas. It helps them to think more creatively and abstractly.

During the early stages, this strain of Kryptonite gives a more euphoric and uplifting feeling to the consumer. And gradually, when the indica kicks in, then it gives a more sedation feel, and the body and mind go to a relaxed state.

The feeling of being lazy and sleepy quickly sets in and stays on for a long time. So this is a reason why Kryptonite og strain is recommended during the evening or at night. Where the end result would be to go to sleep.

Medicinal Benefits Of Kryptonite Weed Strain

Medicinal Benefits Of Kryptonite Weed Strain

Kryptonite strain is very popular among medical cannabis users for being very effective for medical purposes. They believe this strain has a pain relief quality to it that helps to relieve chronic pain, also arthritis and muscle spasms.

Due to its high sedative effect, Kryptonite is used by people suffering from insomnia. This Kryptonite strain is very popular among people battling depression, stress and anxiety. Due to its euphoric and uplifting effects, it relieves them temporarily from the symptoms of the disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Now that you are aware of this new strain of Kryptonite, do you have any more questions? Here are what others are asking.

1. What Is The Best Strain Of All Time?

Ans: If you wanna know which is the Best strain of all time, then the one strain you should try is the White Widow. It is a well-known strain that is sativa-dominant. This strain was developed and perfected in the 1990s and become the number one choice for most cannabis connoisseurs. 

2. What Does Kryptonite Taste Like? 

Ans: During later episodes, Lex Luthor was experimenting with heating green kryptonite with irradiated seeds. He was attempting to separate the strong and the weak genes. 
That resulted in a hardy substance that tasted like rotten fruit. It implied that it gave a yin-yang effect to the fruit and also to the human who ate it. 

3. What Is Wiz Khalifa’s Strain?

Ans: The strain created by Wiz khalifa is known as Wiz Khalifa OG or KK or Khalifa Kush. This kush is primarily an indica-dominant strain made just for Wiz by RiverRock Cannabis. 

4. What Strain Is God’s Gift?

Ans: The God’s Gift is an interesting blend of cannabis that has very powerful indica, which is 90% and sativa, which is 10%. The God’s Gift also has a high THC content, somewhere between 18-22%. 

Wrapping Up!

While Kryptonite can be deadly for Superman, it actually has great health benefits for the human body dealing with chronic pain and depression. This strain dominated by indica is really effective in relieving pain and treating insomnia.

Since it is a highly potent strain of cannabis, it is not recommended for first-timers, as the effects are long-lasting, consumed during the evening.

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