How Many Bags (Full of Weed) Do You Want to Check-In? – Cali to Florida Drug Smuggling Ring Busted by Checked-In Bags on Flights

The case against the 85 arrested persons is set to be a monumental one with multiple felonies and misdemeanours at their feet. In actual sense, a total of 355 combined felonies and 93 misdemeanours are being levelled against the offenders from Winter Haven, Florida. With a number of prior cases in the works for some in this area, this is bound to be a big win for drug law enforcement agencies. The drugs seized from the bust include oxycodone, Xanax, fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana. The street value of these confiscated drugs sums up to about $12.8 million. Likewise, $235,000 in cash was confiscated as well as guns.


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