Largest High Tech Cannabis Green House in USA: Glass House Farms

Largest High Tech Cannabis Green House in USA: Glass House Farms

Largest High Tech Cannabis Green House in USA: Glass House Farms

In this episode Nate travels to southern California to once again meet with Graham Farrar and his team to find out how the largest cannabis greenhouse in the USA operates.

Learn with him about the history, techniques and equipment that make Glasshouse Farms a top of the line cannabis enterprise and why they returned to the Canna Cribs show.

From Propagation through packaging, Canna Cribs and Growers Network are thrilled to give you another inside look at the people, methods, and products the country’s top growers use to produce top-quality, legal cannabis.

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Table of contents:

00:00 Opening
00:48 Welcome to GHF
01:22 Getting to know Graham
02:18 Graham background
03:50 Genetics and propagation with Nick Monte
07:19 Lilac Diesel, strain review by Growershouse
08:22 IPM with “Cuco” Kirk Weatherton
12:51 IPM management with Jason Maruhn and Biosafe
14:17 Protip by Dizpot
15:29 Get the most out of your plants with Flavuh
16:33 Meet the GHF team
17:10 Devin Granados tribute to legacy OG’s
18:22 Veg and flower with cannabis extraordinaire Jason Downs
22:09 Do you want a cannacribs ep at your facility?
22:19 Environmental control with Philip Van Spronsen
25:25 Odor control with Benzaco
29:06 Post – Harvest with Steve and Alfredo
31:13 Quest humidity solutions
31:51 Processing with Josh Solodon
34:43 GHF: Quality, Consistency and Cost
35:35 Dispensary with Leia Cail
38:12 The future for GHF
38:48 Ending credits

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