MMJ And Vaping: Everything You Need To Know

By now you’ve probably already heard about the benefits of medical marijuana (MMJ). MMJ can provide relief from chronic pain, as well as soothing an anxious mind or helping those recovering from trauma – the list of MMJ benefits goes on!

As more and more people realize the ways in which MMJ can help them with their medical condition, the availability of legal and safe MMJ is improving on a national level. With well-developed MMJ programs in many states across the US, there are an increasing number of ways to take MMJ and a growing range of products available. Instead of using edibles or simply smoking MMJ, more people are moving towards vaping. In fact, this is the preferred method of MMJ ingestion in many states.

As a relatively new concept, vaping can sometimes cause confusion, as some people may be unsure what it entails. Questions like: “What is a medical vape?” or “Is MMJ vaping safe?” may have crossed your mind. If so, you’re about to have all these questions answered (and more!) as we do a deep dive into the topic of MMJ and vaping.

MMJ and vaping: vaping vs smoking medical marijuana

Vaping and smoking are often considered very similar to each other – probably because they both involve inhaling. However, in reality the two processes are quite different, and vaping does not actually produce smoke!

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What is a medical vape?

A medical vape is the vaporizer used to allow you to take your MMJ vaping oil. Simple as that.

Vaping uses a vaporizer to heat MMJ to a high temperature, which quickly allows the release of THC. This creates a THC-filled vapor, which is what you inhale when you breathe in from your vaporizer. There is no smoke involved, as you are not really burning your MMJ.

Is it better to vape or smoke MMJ?

A clear benefit of vaping rather than smoking is that those who are sensitive to smoke (those with respiratory illness, for example) may find vaping a much more comfortable and less harmful method of taking MMJ. Smoking and vaping MMJ will both still give the desired effect, but by smoking MMJ, you are exposing yourself to the carcinogens we associate with burning any product (similar to cigarettes).

Vaping is also quite discreet. Unlike smoking MMJ, which creates strong-smelling smoke, a vape is often incredibly subtle. The oil typically masks any smell of marijuana, and therefore it’s a more convenient option for those who wish to keep their MMJ use to themselves.

We’ve already mentioned that there is an increasingly diverse range of MMJ products available, and the same can be said of MMJ oils for vaping. There’s now a whole range of MMJ oil flavors available to suit every palate – think watermelon, mint, and peach to name but a few! Vaporizers (or ‘vapes’ colloquially) are small, compact, and easy to transport with you wherever you go, without smelling of marijuana or taking up lots of pocket space. So, while some people still prefer to smoke their MMJ, it’s definitely worth considering whether vaping may be a better fit for you.

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Is MMJ vaping safe?

We’ve now covered the benefits of vaping – but what about the downsides? Is MMJ vaping really safe?

Like smoking MMJ, vaping can also be harmful in some cases. While research into the harmful effects of vaping is still ongoing, some issues have arisen. MMJ vaping oils contain additives which may not be clearly labelled or marked on the ingredients list, such as flavorants, which may aggravate airways. E-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury (EVALI) may affect those who regularly vape MMJ, causing pneumonia-like symptoms.

The best way to stay safe when vaping MMJ is to vape in moderation. In addition, ensure you always purchase good-quality vaping oils at your local dispensary, with a clear ingredients list and fewer nasty additives. Do not attempt to make your own oil or buy bootleg products that may compromise your safety. The staff at your dispensary should be able to answer any questions you may have about a particular product, if you’re in doubt.

How can I get an MMJ card?

By now, having heard the arguments for and against, you might be keen to try vaping MMJ. In order to purchase MMJ products legally in the US, you will need an MMJ card from your state. Luckily for you, MMJRecs is here to make the application process as simple as possible.

Simply follow the steps on our homepage, complete your online application, and we’ll help you to organize the necessary medical consultation online via telemedicine. Once this is successfully completed and your application has been certified, you will receive your MMJ card, giving you access to your state’s MMJ program and to a growing number of dispensaries.

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