Organic Cannabis Soil

There are a wide range of techniques available to germinating your cannabis seeds. Depending upon your needs and convenience, you should opt for the best techniques. One such competitive and easy way is to germinate directly in soil. In fact, the soil technique has been good enough and requires less mechanical disturbance and handling issues, which means few chances of physical damage to the plant’s taproot.

However, many people are still devoid of this fact and wrongly believe that the soil technique is not the valid one. But, if one intends to keep up using soil as a medium, then there is absolutely no reason for sprouting in soil to be unsuitable, and of course, there are many reasons that make it very suitable without a doubt.

This method offers a whole of advantages. Firstly, there is far less risk of harming the fragile tap-root and many little hairs that covers its surface.  Secondly, the phenomenon known as gravitropism can begin at once, which is impossible when germinating on a saucer or in a glass.


Gravitropism can set in motion at once, which is otherwise not possible whilst germinating in a glass or on a saucer. Gravitropism is the response to gravity shared by each plant, that causes the roots to cultivate downwards and the stems to develop.

Some growers that employ such method will immerse the cannabis seeds for around 12 hours in room-temperature water before they’re actually planted in the soil. This will hydrate and soften the outer husk, thereby making much more rapid germination.

Straight to Soil Technique

If you really want to make the most of this soil technique, make sure you have the best commercial soil for cannabis and the right variety of seeds and most importantly, you place them in a ventilated environment, at the suitable temperature.

There are many growers who prefer to sterilize the soil prior to planting the seeds. Generally the sterilization process is done by heating the soil to 200°C in microwave or oven for around 20 minutes (it’s advisable to go for 2 minutes in a microwave on full power). This process, if done well, will ensure that no potentially-harmful micro-organisms and fungal spores present to damage the health of the fragile seeding. Thus, sterilization is far more useful and effective way of making the most of the soil.

Once you’ve successfully sterilized the soil, it must be completely moistened, preferably with refined water.  After this, it can be discreetly placed into pots (if possible not larger than 5cm deep), and bear in mind- one pot per seed. Also don’t overlook to create a small hole around 2cm deep for the seed to rest effectively.

Once cannabis seeds and the soil is well-prepared and ready, simply place the seeds into the hole you’ve made in the soil, and softly cover it over with small quantity of soil. Then, keep the pots in a place which is quite humid, preferably one which is not very dry so that the soil can’t dry out rapidly.  It’s fine to place the seeds in darkness till the shoots come out from the soil, at which point, putting the pots under a grow light is suggested.


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