Silver Eagle Mines: Organic, Direct Application Raw Rock Phosphate in Nevada



Silver Eagle Mines (CSE:SEM) implements a straightforward business quarry strategy, β€œBlow it up. Dig it up. Grind it up. Bag It up. And Ship it out by rail,” by using a direct-ship, pit-run system that brings truly organic, direct to application phosphorus to market. The companyfocuses on producing the only certified raw rock organic phosphate eligible for organic farming in the United States.

The organic food market in the United States is growing because of factors such as increasing health awareness among consumers and increasing environmental concerns due to the heavy use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other chemicals in conventional farming. As a reagent, raw rock organic phosphate from Murdock Mountain is perfectly suited to regenerate soil to serve the fast growing organic food market.

Murdock Mountain

​Company Highlights

  • Silver Eagle Mines has a unique asset containing raw phosphate ore suitable for direct application in organic farming.
  • Once in production, the company will produce the only large scale, certified organic phosphate in the United States.
  • Raw organic phosphate from Murdock Mountain is perfectly suited to serve the fast growing US$59.28 billion organic food market.
  • The company aims to complete a NI-43-101 resource related Premlinary Economic Estimate (PEA) by Q3-4 in 2023 and Q1-3/2022 carry out an exploration program to confirm and extend the known deposit.
  • The company’s project, Murdock Mountain, produces phosphate ore that does not require costly processing before it is usable.

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