So, How Much Weed Does Snoop Really Smoke On The Daily?

Snoop Dogg is one artist in the world who’s perhaps known more for his smoking habits than his actual work. I know, you know, and the world knows that Snoop needs to calm down a little, but smoking some herbs might just keep ta doc at bay! 

Every time I saw Snoop appear on TV or even on the internet, a joint would pop up somewhere in the video too. And I would laugh with the audience at his tactics, but once the video would get over, my only question would be, “how much does snoop dogg smoke?”

Curiosity is always not responsible for killing the cat – sometimes, it can even generate informative content as well! So I am gonna tell you exactly how much weed does Snoop smokes in one day. 

Keep reading to find out more on the same! 

Uncle Snoop Is A Legend Of Sorts…Or Just A Regular Stoner?

As I was saying, I was pretty curious about finding out how much does snoop dogg smoke, so much so that I went online and started doing my research. First things first, the popularity of phrases like ‘snoop dogg weed’ online made me believe for the first time that I wasn’t the only one curious about Snoop’s smoking habits!

Every single time I have watched Snoop online, I have found him so relatable, just a regular stoner telling you how to smoke a blunt. But then, when I realized the amount of marijuana he consumes in a single day, I had to change my perspective of the man. He’s not just a regular stoner but, in fact, a legend of sorts, especially in the context of smoking weed.

If you are regular on Instagram, then you must keep up with Snoop because that dwag is way too cool! Recently, he was a guest at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, and all hell broke loose when Jimmy asked Snoop,

“We know what your favorite hobby is…How do you remember all your passwords?” Again, a question that probably many of you, but obviously, you get the drift as to why Snoop was asked the same! At this point, finding Snoop Dogg high is a pretty normal thing considering he is high all day, every day! 

Snoop had a pretty strange answer to this question. After praising Jimmy for asking such a great question, Snoop’s only reply? Telekinesis! Jimmy is naturally confused at this reply, but then Snoop clears the confusion with a typical reply, “No, I tell a few of my nieces,” and the world has to admire his rhyming skills!

Before answering the million-dollar question, ‘how much does snoop dogg smoke?’ let’s check out Snoop’s relationship with weed!

You Need A PBR…Oh, Wait, Snoop’s Already Got One

Did you know that Snoop Dogg has a PBR? A professional blunt roller, someone who is literally paid between 40,000 to 50,000 dollars every year to just roll blunt after blunt, and that too for our very own Snoop! This professional blunt roller is so lucky that he gets to be on tour, attend parties, and even get to smoke-free weed! 

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, because I have evidence! I have found the video where Snoop talks about his professional blunt roller in detail,

That One Time Snoop Posed A Question To Reddit

You all know how Reddit can get in terms of content. So it wasn’t really a surprise to come across questions like ‘will Snoop Dogg smoke’ but I distinctly remember that one-time Snoop asked a question to Reddit! Snoop asked a question only when people on Reddit won’t stop asking him how many days he had gone without smoking weed.

Snoop was like his typical self with a smoke weed everyday song attitude, turning the whole conversation around. This is exactly what he said,

“The longest I’ve ever been off is 164 days, and muthafuckas say that’s a great answer. But the better question is, when was it when I first started smoking and how long was my life before I took my first pull? That’s the question I pose to you, Reddit.”

So, How Much Weed Does Snoop Really Smoke On The Daily?

How Much Weed Does Snoop Really Smoke On The Daily

Of course, any random person out there can deduce that Snoop smokes a lot of weed on a single day. But then that’s not really the answer fans were looking to questions like, ‘So, how much does snoop dogg smoke in a day?’

According to Snoop himself, he smokes as many as 81 joints in a single day. Did your read that right? 81 BLUNTS IN A SINGLE DAY! If Snoop is right about the number of blunts he smokes in a day, then it is living evidence of how safe marijuana can be in free space. I mean, anyone could assume that Snoop is high and missing out on life on the regular. 

But that’s not really true. The artist is honestly everywhere – from different commercial spots with Dunkin’ Donuts, Tostitos, and Corona to the halftime show by Super Bowl LVI Pepsi. In fact, the year was 2015 when Snoop launched Leafs by Snoop, a cannabis line in Colorado. 

Snoop’s only thoughts about the marijuana industry?

“I feel like marijuana is a real peace conversation – what I mean by that is the form of peace in a conversation. Any time you have a couple of people smoking, they’re never hostile or angry. The area that we’re in now, I’m thankful that they’re trying to make it legalized because, with alcohol and tobacco, you see all the tragedies that have happened with that.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Much Does Snoop Dogg Weigh?

Yes, he smokes a lot of weed, but that does not mean he is underweight in any way. In fact, he weighs a solid 75 kg which is 165 pounds. The slim silhouette of the artist might indicate that he is underweight, but that’s definitely not the case.

2. What Rappers Smoke The Most Weed?

The rappers who smoke the most weed in the world are as follows,
• Snoop Dogg,
Wiz Khalifa,
Berner, and

3. What Famous People Smoked Weed?

The top celebrities who are marijuana enthusiasts are as follows,
Seth Rogen,
Bob Marley,
Miley Cyrus,
Snoop Dogg, and
Jerry Garcia.

4. What Are Good Jobs For Stoners?

The best jobs for stoners are as follows,
Coffeeshop/Dispensary owner,
Pizza Delivery Boy, and

Uncle Snoop Strain: The Ultimate Goal Of Every Marijuana-Lover

If you are a marijuana connoisseur, then your ultimate goal will be to launch your own strain. At least that’s what most stoners tell me, and it even sounds logical to me – it’s like releasing your own book if you consider yourself a writer. So it was a sort of natural thing to do for Snoop – coming up with the Snoop Dogg blunt, better known as the Uncle Snoop Strain!

Of course, now that you know how much does Snoop Dogg smoke in a day, you can assume that launching his own marijuana line is probably the next natural thing to do in a similar context. What do you think? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments below.

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