The Art of Cloning

About Cloning

A clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant which can be replanted to produce another plant.  A clone  has the exact genetics from the “mom” plant which it was cut from.  If the “mom” plant was strong and healthy, then the clone will also have those genetics, but if the “mom” had any issues, then the clone may also suffer.

Pruning a mother plant for clones is essential to the betterment of plant genetics.  Clones are organisms that are exact genetic copies.  Plants can be raised to become stronger, and those genetics can be carried on through their clones.  The process can be repeated over and over again.

Clones must be treated with a lot of TLC.  When first replanted, it will be sensitive and there may be a period of shock to the clone.  It will need specific amounts of nutrients and light to nurse it through this phase.  Good clones, especially health ones with good genetics, can be hard to find.  Do your research and read reviews, or find a friend that can recommend you a solid place to obtain your clones.

Taking a Clone Cutting and Preparation

Obtaining a clone can be beneficial to a new grower if the place you’ve obtained your clone can show you the “mom” plant, or give you specifics on the genetics.  A clone is also farther along in development that a seed by about a month.

Check out Hempland video on how to take a clone cutting here.



We forgot to mention that when reusing your cloner it’s important to clean it out and sterilize prior to reusing.  Failing to do so may leave toxic contamination.  When you start noticing algae forming inside the rims of where the net pots sit, a double-sided sponge can work to clean gunk off the inserts.

Cleaning Tip:

At 2:09 of the Hempland cloning video, you will see that a neoprene collar is required.

One of the parts that can be difficult to sterilize is the neoprene collar.  Failing to clean these can cause rotting and soft stem.  Some replace these collars or try to sterilize with solutions, but degrade the quality of the collars.

The PermaClone Collar, featured in HighTimes, is one solution to easy sterilization and fits most popular cloners.  What makes it special is it’s microwaveable, food grade, chemical/heat resistant material, a patented nano-polymer for superior root structure and growth.

PermaClone Collar

All it takes is a quick rinse, microwave 15 min with 1 cup of water or soak in oxidate 2.0.  They are one of, if not the most durable collar on the market today.

Find PermaClone Here

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