Top Comedy Podcasts To Listen To High

Top Comedy Podcasts To Listen To High



Podcasts are a fantastic resource when you’re stoned and you need to complete a boring or repetitive task. They are also great for just sitting and staring out a window or playing a video game or having a bath. There are also hundreds of types of podcasts out there. Literally, there is something to suit every kind of mood. So if you are the kind of person that prefers a laugh to true crime or men talking about how pointless women are then I have a few ideal podcasts for you to listen to. 


The Aunty Donna Podcast


You may have heard of the comedy trio from Australia known as Aunty Donna. These fellas have been around since the early 2010s and since then they have spread across the world. Their youtube sketches became extremely popular as did their live shows and eventually their Netflix show. The group is made up of Zach Ruane, Mark Bonanno, and Broden Kelly. The three met at university while studying acting and just got on like a house on fire. Though their general vibe is sketch comedy the podcast has a very different vibe. The first episode is mostly them trying to figure out how to do a podcast and it doesn’t get any less chaotic from there. It consists mostly of improvised characters, bizarre scenarios, and fantastic comedy guests. I just listened to the Bob Saget episode and I cried so hard in the street people were fully staring, probably thinking I was having some sort of episode. If you want something funny, clever, chaotic and often just super weird that will make you laugh so hard you’re sick then give The Aunty Donna Podcast a listen. 


My Dad Wrote A Porno


If you’ve somehow managed to miss this podcast then you’re a lucky baby because you can binge it from the first season. The podcast is hosted by Jamie Morton, Alice Levine and James Cooper. The title gives you a pretty accurate idea of the show. Literally, it’s reading a pornographic book written by Jamie Morton’s dad.  Yep, he sits and reads a porn book written by his father, who is only referred to by his pen name Rocky Flinstone. Is it good porn? No, what’s wrong with you it’s written by an elderly man. Is it hilarious porn? Oh my gosh yes. If you want clumsy smut, impossible scenarios, confusing settings and just a whole lot of complete nonsense then this is the one for you. As it goes on it just get’s more and more insane and they start to talk to celebrity guests between each story episode. Honestly, you’ll start just thinking it’s mental then you will absolutely get invested in the story and the pomegranate titted heroine Belinda from the erotic novel Belinda Blinked. Oh and don’t you worry, she does plenty of blinking. Also, really weird sexual acts that not one normal person would find erotic. 


Why Won’t You Date Me?


For a while, I got completely obsessed with this show hosted by the amazing comedian Nicole Byer. You may only have seen her hosting the mad cake show Nailed It, but her comedy is so much raunchier, darker and generally just amazing. In this show, she talks about her love life, why she can’t get a partner, and what she is doing wrong in her attempts to find the one. In order to do this, she brings on a variety of comedians, celebrities, and other amazing guests. She is so incredibly funny and filthy which I love. This is a fantastic one to listen to while you get stuff done because it will completely distract your brain. A lot of the time the podcast completely strays away from the dating world and gets into a wide variety of fascinating topics. Genuinely if you’re a woman listen to this podcast because it will smother you in positivity and self-esteem as well as if you’re anything like me, an extremely relatable host. If you’re a man still listen to it don’t be sexist, it’s genuinely just a fascinating and hilarious show. 


Adam Buxton Podcast


Some of you may be more interested in interview-style podcasts. This is my absolute favourite and Adam Buxton interviews some genuinely fascinating people. Some of my personal top interviews include Matt Berry, Natasha Dimitriou, Laura Marling, Billy Connoly and Chris Morris. These are just my personal favourites that I reckon you should hunt out and listen to, but there are years of the podcast available with a vast variety of interviewees. This is great for those of you who want comedy, an extremely funny and adorable host, and some actual information. Something a little more structured where you might learn some genuinely interesting stuff about some of your favourite artists. 


The Adventure Zone


Finally, let’s throw something in for all my sweet little nerds. Don’t worry I’m very much one of you and it was this podcast that got me deeper and deeper into Dungeons and Dragons. This podcast started off with three brothers and their father starting a D&D campaign. Most were novices, only one or two of the hosts had actually played before. Immediately it was absolutely hilarious and I was hooked from episode one. It starts as just a really beginner-friendly so you don’t need to worry if you’re new to the game. You’ll definitely understand everything that’s going on and you might actually learn a thing or two. As it goes on the plot becomes genuinely fascinating and the campaign draws you in while still being light and hilarious. Each subsequent campaign, where they keep the same characters so you still feel fully connected, gets more and more elaborate. The main thing I love about it is the fact that they play like I play. When I listen to D&D podcasts that are intense, serious and hard on the rules I get bored. The Adventure Zone is about having fun, and the entertainment factor rather than following every tiny rule of a quite complex game. 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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